NLG Letter to UNC Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee

In a letter to the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chancellor, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) objects to the UNC administration decision to bring disciplinary action against law student Jamie Marsicano, who was arrested as part of a mass sweep of attendees at a #StopCopCity solidarity event.

Joined by over 1,100 legal professionals, law students and faculty, and organizations—including Amnesty International USA, Center for Constitutional Rights, and Greenpeace USA—NLG calls on UNC to reverse their decision and to allow Jamie to return to campus and complete her classes.

Read the full letter below or by opening the PDF document at this link.

May 10, 2023

To Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and the members of the UNC Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee (EEAC),

The National Lawyers Guild objects to the EEAC Committee’s decision to ban University of North Carolina law student and NLG member Jamie Marsicano from the campus and not allow her to attend her classes after being arrested at a music festival in Atlanta this March. Along with the hundreds of UNC students, faculty, and alumni who have signed the letter protesting the EEAC decision, NLG is asking that (1) Jamie be allowed to finish this semester alongside her peers and complete all of her classes; and (2) Jamie be allowed to return to in-person classes, until she graduates, with no conditions.

The NLG has spoken out publicly condemning the domestic terrorism charges against Jamie and the others arrested. These astonishing charges were made with no available evidence and clearly in an attempt to intimidate a growing national movement against police brutality and environmental degradation. Denying bond to everyone arrested and detaining people for weeks with no evidence is a shocking and unprecedented example of prosecutorial overreach. 

Along with 40+ other legal, environmental, and human rights organizations—including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch—the NLG has argued that “prosecutors have made a number of alarming and specious arguments that function to criminalize not only constitutionally protected rights to speech and assembly, but also the exercise of various rights to legal counsel, support, and education.” The NLG, along with a growing number of individuals and organizations, is advocating to have all charges of domestic terrorism dropped. 

We are proud to name Jamie as a NLG member, student leader, and NLG Haywood Burns fellow. Jamie has been a member of the NLG since she began law school and was President of the UNC NLG Chapter last year. In that time, the UNC NLG Chapter has grown to one of our most vibrant and dynamic law school chapters, in no small part due to Jamie’s skillful organizing and joyful leadership style. The NLG was honored to offer Jamie a summer fellowship to learn from a criminal defense attorney in order to prepare herself for a career as a public interest lawyer. She is an exemplary model of an aspiring movement attorney, and should be allowed to continue her studies.

As an organization that has long protected the right to dissent and fought the repression of social justice movements, NLG is alarmed to see one of our members being targeted for her political activism and being disciplined with the presumption of guilt by her law school. We urge the UNC administration to revise the EEAC decision and allow Jamie to continue her legal education. 


NLG National Executive Committee

The following individuals and organizations have signed in support of this letter:

A People’s Law Office/For the People 

Adalah Justice Project 

Amazon Watch

Amnesty International USA

Black Alliance for Just Immigration 

Breach Collective

Catalpa Tree Publishing, LLC

Center for Constitutional Rights

Climate Defense Project

Climate Disobedience Center

Communities United Against Police Brutality

Community Justice Project, Inc.

Direct Action Everywhere 

Greenpeace USA

Media Alliance

National Police Accountability Project

Project South

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network 

The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)

Triad Abolition Project

Abolish the Death Penalty WashU

Akron Bail Fund

Alyssa Rodriguez Center for Gender Justice 

Berkeley Fellowship of UU’s Social Justice Committee

BFUU Social Justice Committee

Black and Brown United in Action

Boston University School of Law NLG 

Brigada Legal Solidaria

Capital University Law National Lawyers Guild

Cascadia Wildlands

Central Arizona Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Chicago-Kent College of Law NLG

Chiquis Legal Services

Christian L. Torp, Esq. PLLC

Cleveland State University College of Law National Lawyers Guild Student Chapter

Colegio de Profesores de Derecho del Trabajo-UNAM.

Colorado Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Columbia Law School National Lawyers Guild

Columbia Law School Parole Advocacy Project

Detroit Will Breathe


DU NLG Chapter 

El Paso, Texas National Lawyers Guild

First Generation Professionals – CLS

Immigrant Justice Project (Yale Law School)

Labor Studies Student Union Facebook Group

Law Office of Moira Meltzer-Cohen 

Mass Inclusion Committee 

Military Law Taskforce of the National Lawyers Guild 

Millions for Prisoners New Mexico 

Mobilized Motivation 

National Lawyers Guild – Anti-Racism Committee

National Lawyers Guild – Fordham Law Chapter

National Lawyers Guild – University of Detroit Mercy Chapter

National Lawyers Guild – University of Wisconsin chapter

National Lawyers Guild at Georgetown University Law Center 

National Lawyers Guild at the University of Detroit Mercy Law 

National Lawyers Guild Detroit & Michigan Chapter

National Lawyers Guild of Chicago

National Lawyers Guild Oklahoma Chapter

National Lawyers Guild San Diego Chapter

National Lawyers Guild-Massachusetts Chapter

National Lawyers Guild, L.A. Chapter

National Lawyers Guild, Las Vegas

National Lawyers Guild, Milwaukee chapter

NLG – Atlanta Chapter 

NLG – New England Law Boston Chapter 

NLG Pace Law Chapter

NLG Philadelphia

NLG- USC Gould

NLG-Minnesota Chapter

NLG-SF Bay Area chapter

NLG, Rutgers Law School – Newark

Northeastern University School of Law NLG Chapter

NYLS Chapter of NLG

Ohio State – Moritz College of Law NLG Chapter

Pittsburgh chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Progressive Alliance of the Inland Empire

River Sidon Peace with Justice Project 

Rochester National Lawyers Guild

Seattle University School of Law Chapter National Lawyers Guild

Sierra Club San Gorgonio Chapter

St. John’s Law National Lawyers Guild

The Addison Law Group

Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago

UNC School of Law chapter of NLG

University of Illinois Chicago School of Law (UIC Law) NLG

University of Iowa National Lawyers Guild

University of Oregon law school NLG

USC Gould NLG chapter

Vermont Chapter of NLG

Vermont Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, SF/EB

Yale Environmental Law Association

Yale Law School Middle Eastern and North African Students Association Board

InterReligious Task Force on Central America 

Penn State Law National Lawyers Guild

Abbe Petuchowski

Abby Popenoe

Abigail Hodonicky

Adam Fisher

Ai Miller

Aimee Smith


Al Nadeau-Rifkind 

Alan Levine

Alan R Rosenthal

Alan Wagman

Alessandro Clark-Ansani

Alex Black

Alex Clavering Class of 2020

Alex Spratley

Alex Tewell

Alex VanRooyen

Ali Crook

Ali Gali

Alia Basar

Alice Barsky

Alice Jennings

Alice Passmore

Alice Thompson

Allayne Thomas

Althea Soucie Garza

Alyson Merlin

Alyssa Curcio

Alyssa Meurer

Alyssa Roberts

Alyssa Wessner

Alyx Pedraza

alyzza may 

Amanda Lotspike

Amanda Schemkes

Amanda Skiscim

Amber Wheat

Amelia Daynes

Amelia Keyes

Amelie Cherlin

Amith Gupta

Amneh Minkara

Amy Androw

Amy Nelson

Anaheed Mobaraki

Andrea Albies

Andrea Danger

Andrea Lee 

Andrew B. Reid, JD, LLM

Andrew Dietz

Andrew Lisenby

Andy Paul

Angela Larsen

Angelica Hue

Anna Coll

Anne Peticolas

Annie Rozzo

Anthony Varano 

Anuj Shah

Ariana Ortiz

Arlene Amarante

Arthur Heitzer, Attorney

Ash Kuhnert

Ashlee Albies

Ashley Johnson 

Ashton Hessee

Athena Mutua

Atticus Jordan

Atty. Bryan K. Bullock

Aubra Fletcher

Audrey Bomse

Austen Fisher

Austin Brown

Avery Leshan

Ayrissa Schmidt

Bailey Boatsman

Bailey Pittenger

Bal Patterson

Barbara Fedders

Barbara Goldberg

Barbara Olshansky

Barry Kade

Beckie Moriello

Becs Chant

Ben Ostfield

Benita von Lilienfeld-Berry

Benjamin Haile

Benjamin Lagos

Bennett H

Bernie Eisenberg

Bert Voorhees

Bethany Spielman

bex kolins

Bill Leavitt 

Bill Sloan

Bjorn Pedersen

Blerk Dhungie

Blue Miller

Brad Jencks

Breanna Steggell

Brendan O’Connor

Brent Del Gaizo

Bri Myles

bria g. stare

Bria Yazic

Brian Puccio

Brianna Gildner 

Bridget Dalton

Bridgette Burge

britt stern

Brittany Burback

Brooks Franklin

Bruce Nestor

Brynn Story


Burton Steck

c. Michale Holliday

Cailin Lechner

Cailin Peterson

Cait Nold

Caitlin Durcan

Caitlin Sarpal

Caitlin Trujillo

Caitlyn Swett 

Cameron Dichter

Camila Bustos 

Carie Martin

Carl Lasker

Carol Kain

Carolyn Calder

Carolyn Schneller

Carrie Elmore

Carroll Arkema

Carson Robb

Casey Doyle

Casey Parsons

Cassandra Champion

Cassie Zietlow

Cat Xu

Cate Dolan

Catherine Gans

Cathy J. Potter

Charles H Nadler

Cheryl Trine

Chisato Kimura

Chloe Miller

Chloe Truong-Jones

Chloe Tyler

Chris Riddle

Christa Turnell 

Christiane Assefa

Christina Hubbard

Christine Ashley 

Christopher Oliphant

Cindy Barukh Milstein

Claire Battle 

Claire Nicole Glenn

Clara Jaeckel

Cleo Bell

Cody Bloomfield

Colette Le Brannan

Colin Donnaruma, Esq.

Colin Rosadino

Colleen Flynn

Connor Thompson

Constance McCrary

Corinne Gibson

Courtney Graves 

Cristin Middaugh

Crystal Ye

Cynthia Cannon

Cynthia Heenan

Cynthia Humphries 

D. R. Yale

D. Zachary Wall

Da Hae Kim 

Dakota Sky Rench

Damion Wilson El 

Damon Thomas, Esq.

Dan Wingate

Dana Johnson, Attorney

Dana May

Daniel A. Shockley

Daniel Mayfield 

Daniel Meyers Past President NLG-NYC

Daniel Meyers, Esq.

Danielle Bennett

Daria Mateescu

Dasmin Mee

David Engelman

David Klasovsky 

David Kruger

David Leeds

David Lyons

David Marshall 

David Pina

David Rockwell

David Tykulsker 

Dawn Haney

Dean Tuckerman

DeAnna Baumle

Deb Putman

Deborah Elsas

Deborah Klebansky

Deborah M Weissman

Debra L. Hamilton

Debra Wilmer

Deidra Lutz

Delana Tavakol

Denise M. Heberle 

dennis torreggiani

Derek Di Nardo

Destiny DiMattei

Dev Green

Devin Glaser

Devin McGrath

Devyn Helsing

Diana Marino

Diana Schooling

Diane Nguyen

Dianne Post, Attorney

Dinah dominguez 

Donna Cox Wells

Doug Rippey, M.S.

Drew Haste

Drew Rangel

Duma Ali

Dwight Rousu

Dylan Marks

Eddie martinez

Eileen Weitzman

Eleni Econopouly 

Eli Longnecker

Eli Massey

Elicia Shotland

Elijah Plummer 

Elisa Sturkie

Elise Cossart-Daly

Eliza McDuffie

Elizabeth Chi

Elizabeth Dimits 

Elizabeth Gewirtz 

Elizabeth Hagar

Elizabeth Pruszynski

Elizabeth Smyth

Elizabeth Tang

Ellen Jeong

Ellie Girgis

Ellie McIntyre

Elyssa Creary-Scher

Emerald Tse

Emerson Goldstein

Emilie N Junge

Emily Bramhall

Emily Flint

Emily Forsee

Emily Marchesani

Emily McConville

Emily Peele

Emily Zoffer

EmilyRose Johns

Emlyn Medalla

Emma Alzner

Emma Krass

Emma Meador

Emma Roberts

Emma Yip

Emmaia Gelman

Eric M. Fink

Eric Morris

Eric Morris

eric post

Eric Stephen

Eriele M. Tellis

Erika Kreider 

Erika Lopez 

Erin Anderson

Erin Flanagan 

Erin Tomine

Ester Serra Luque

Ethan Grossman

Ethan Pham

Eui Young Kim

Evan Baker

Ezra Ritchin

Faisal Al-Alami

Faith Le

Faith Lewis

Faith Miller

Faith Westdorp

Felix Evans

Florence Murray 

Forest Gluys 

Frances Ansley

Frank Deale

Franz Bruggemeier

Frederick A Brown Jr

Gabriela Rico

Gaia Harvey

Gail Pendleton 

Garrett Wright

Gary Fitzgerald

Gary Gregerson

Georgia Kung

Gerry Lor

Gina Balamucki

Gina Folsom 

Giuliano Stefanutti

Glenda B. Garcia, Esq.

Grace Thompson

Graham Dumas

Gregory Lebens-Higgins

Hailey Corkery

Haley Wen

Hannah Dean

Hannah Eichner

Hannah Legaspi

Hannah Livezey

Hannah Marion

Hannah Thalenberg

Hannah Thompson-Garner 

Harry Kershner

Harry Kershner

Harseerat Dhillon

Harshini Gorijala

Hazel Spires

Heather Atherton

Heather Crimmins

Heather Goodlett

Heather Zimmerman 

Heidi I. Jones, Esq.

Heidi Siegfried 

Helen Bergstrom

Helen Zhou 

Helina Haile 

Henry Robinson

Hillary Scott 

Hollianne Lao

Hop Wechsler, Esq.


Huwaida Arraf

Ian McAdoo

Ian McKeirnan 

Imani St

Imani Thornton

Ingrid Vianna Sydenstricker

Irene Kim

Irina Ceric

Iris Meltzer

Isabelle kapoian 

Isabelle Nebel

Isy Abraham-Raveson

Jack G. Mottley

Jack Salt 

Jackie Miller

Jackson Devadas

Jacob michaels

Jacob Smith

Jacob Stallings

Jacob Strauss

Jacqueline Braslow

Jacqueline Spreadbury

Jake Heller

Jake Marshall

Jake Stanley

Jamaal Abegaz

James Marc Leas, Esq.

James Norris

James Rand

James W. Mulligan

Jamie Jenkins

Jamie Kelleher

Jamie McCracken

Jamie McGloin-King

Jamie Trinkle

Jammel Nicole Rose

Jamuson Maier

Jan Susler

Janae Choquette

Jane Clayton

Jane Moisan

Janine Hift

Jared Dobias

Jarrett Cloud

Jarrett Cloud 

Jason Bowen

Jason Guthartz

Jason R. Smith

Jason Taper

Jason Wood

Jean Stevens

Jeanne Mirer 


jeff garland

Jeff Petrucelly

Jeffe Yang

Jeffrey Feuer, Esq.

Jeffrey Frank

Jeffrey Lake

Jenna Zhang

Jennifer Calkins, PhD, JD

Jennifer Hadlock

Jennifer L. Bills

Jennifer McCann

Jennifer Morton

Jeremy Tinsley

Jess McDonald

Jesse goode

Jesse Sanderson

Jessica Cresseveur

Jessica Hobbs

Jessica Hollander

Jessica Keller

Jessica Maskin

Jessica Migler 

Jessica Staley

Jeszie Lefkowitz

Jill Cabe

Jill Friedman 

Jillian Foye

Jillian Johnson

Joan Andersson

Joan Steffen


Joe Keffer

John Kestner

John P. Parker

John White

Jonathan Ballew

Jonathan Dombro

Jonathan Rosenburg 

Jordan Alderman

Jordan Gillespie

Jordan S. Kushner

Jose Duarte Miranda

Joseph Wang

Josh Jacobs

Joshua Rosenberg 

Joy Callahan

Judy Morgan 

Judy Somberg

Julia Kaluta

Julia Velson

Juliana Bird

Julie Daw

Julie Richardson

Juliette Lafargue 

Justin Apperson

Justin Gorgchuck

Justin Major

K Young

Kaitlyn Hecht

Kaitlyn Ryan-Lipps

Karen Adelman

Kari Wenger

Karina Leach

Karly Jo Dixon

Kat Brausch

Kat Janssen

Kat Smith

Kate Brennan

Kate Kobriger

Kate Rosenstengel

Kate Shurtleff


Katelyn Donaldson

Katherine Elyse Rollins

Katherine Sciacchitano

Kathleen Valonis

Kathryn Evans

Kathryn Krejci, Esq. 

Kathryn Turk

Kathy Gilbert

Kathy Hessler

Kathy Shimata

Katie Clad

Katie DeAngelis

Katie Parker

Katie Yow

Keegan Dyer

Keisha James

Kelly Levenda 

Kelsey Baker

Kelsey Moffett

Kendall Schutzer

Kendrick Lu

Kenneth Lerner


Kenzie Caulfield

Kevin Cottingham

Kevin Ferrigan

Kevin Lindemann

Kimberly Slusser

Kimm Tynan

king cheung

Kristina Fung

Kristine Quint

Kristyn sanito

Kurt Thornbladh

Kyle Hyde 

Kylee Peterson

Kyra Blas

L Harrell

Lane Richards

Lara Schwartz

Laretta Johnson

Larry Kronen

Laura Hudson

Laura Rivera

Lauren Gazzola, SHAC 7 defendant

Lauren King 

Lauren Wantz

Leah Hastings

Leah R

Lee Barrington Stark, Esq.

Leif Paris 

Leigh Mangum

Lena Yeakey

Leni Tupper

Leo Kucewicz

Leslie Rose

Lex Roman

Lexie Siegel 

Lila Carpenter

Lillian Ekem

Lily Hibbard

Linda Barclay 

Linda Warren


Lindsey Krantz

Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin

Lisa Drapkin

Lisa Felix

Livio De La Cruz

Liz Jacob

Loan Tran

Logan Arlen

Lorena Essak-Hernandez

Luc Figueiredo Miller 

Lucy Butterbaugh

Lydia X. Z. Brown

Mackenzie Harrison

Mackenzie Tinker

Madalyn Grask

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Madeleine Reichman

Madhuri Belkale

Madi Tostrud

Maggie Ades

Maggie Blunk

Maggie Bott

Maggie Ellinger-Locke

Maggie Israel

Maggie Lemons

Maia Krahl Astley

Mandy Mericle 

Mandy Owen

Mara Shlackman

Marcus Hyde

Margaret Boyce Furey 

Margaret Christopher

Margaret Kane

Margaret qualey 

Mari Perales Sánchez 

Maria Solis Kennedy

Mariah Till

Mariam Halabi

Marjorie Cohn 

Mark Anderson

Mark Brodin

Mark Brooks

Mark burton

Mark Jacquinot

Mark Kleiman

Mark Looney

Mark Schneider

Mark Stern

Marla Marcum

Marsha Weissman

Martha Goldin

Martín González-Vélez 

Martin R. Stolar 

Marwa Sayed

Mary Claire Kelly

Mary grace kiernan 

Mary Jo Long

Mary Rita Luecke

Mason Favro

Maurie Heins

Max Airborne 

Max Suchan

Maya Moskowitz

Maya Rinta

Meagan Knuth, Attorney 

Megan Mills

Megan Noor

Megan Rash

Megan Rue

Meghan Krausch

Meghan Lucas

Meghan Rankins

Meiriely Amaral

Mel Goodwin-Hurley

Melanie Mignucci

Melinda Drew 

Melissa Connell

Melissa Hassard 

Melissa Kay

Melissa Lawrence 

Melissa McElroy

Melissa West

Mia Stange

Mia Thillet


Michael D Ray, Lawyer

Michael Daly 

Michael Drake 

Michael Evans

Michael Ginther

Michael Krinsky

Michael Moore

Michael O’Hora

Michael Podgurski

Michael R. Smalz

Michael Rice, PhD, JD

Michael Wisniewski

Michal David

Míchel Angela Martinez

Michele Mashburn

Michelle Munsat

Midushi Pandey

Mike Morris

Mikhal Kidane

Milad Momeni

Miles Sibley

Mina Ezikpe

Miranda Gibson 

Miranda Jimmerson

Miranda Wright

Miriam Shetack

Molly Comeaux

Molly Daniels

Monique Doryland

Morgan Schriner 

Nabihah Maqbool 

Naira Khalid

Nancy Carpenter

Nancy Grim

Nancy Wallace Nelson


Natalie Chew

Natalie H. Rees

Natalie Lerner

Natasha Cornell

Natasha Hajo

Nate Levinson

Nathan Porceng

Nathan Williams 

Natsu Taylor Saito

Neha Srinivasan

Neil Berman

Neil Herring

Nic Shugar

Nicholas Hatcher

Nicholas Polys, PhD

Nicholas Robbins

Nick Kaye

Nicolas Madan

Nicole Katselianos

niko little 

Nina Gurak

Nina Macdonald

Nketiah Berko

Noah Howard

Nora Fakhri

Olivia Buscho

Olivia Rivera

Owen Noble


Parima Kadikar

Parker Jones

Pat Millhoff 

Patrice McGloin 

Patrick Bair

Patrick Caddick

Patrick Dunlevy

paul harris

Paul Stein

Paul Sullivan

Paul Von Blum

Paul Whetstone

Paula Arno Martinez

Pavithra Venkataraman

Peggy Bristol

Pete Klosterman

Peter Belmont

Peter Foster

Peter Franck

Peter Goselin

Peter Habib

Peter Mitchell

Phil Goldsmith


Priscilla Grim

Priyanka Bhatt

Prof Emeritus Charles Simmons

Queen Arsem


Rachael Perrotta 

Rachel Corella

Rachel Holtzman

Rachel Levy

Rachel Marandett

Rachel Miller 

Rachel Pincus

Rachel Talamo

Rachel Vogel

Rae Mindel-Katz Nathanson

Raina Innocent

Raina Satija 

Ramin Zareian

Ranjana Venkatesh

Ray Cage

Raymond Fang

Raymundo Eli Rojas

Rebecca Chiao 

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Huryk

Rebecca Kunkel 

Rebecca Orton

Rehan Khaki 

Ren Allen

Ren Ramos

Rhetta Eubanks

Rhonda Thomas

Rhys Green

Richard Broaddus

Richard Renner

Rina DeFrancesco

Riss Aguilar

River beck

RJ “Deke” Dieken

Robert Gold

Robert Schmid 

Robert Scott Dreher (Calif. Bar #120527)

Robert Toon

Robert Woehrle

Robin Alexander 

Robin Bleiweis

Ron VanNorstrand

Rory Blue 

Rosa Palmeri

Rosalyn Leban

Rosie O’Malley

Rowan Laidlaw 

Roxana Orrell

Roxanne Zech


Ruby Chervin

Russell Facente

Ruth Falcon

Ruth Kintzele

Sacajawea Hall

Sally Frank

Sam Naber

Sam Scheipers 

Sam Suarez 

Samantha Velez

Sameena Mulla

Samuel Reyes 

Sandra Tsung

Sanford Kelson

Sara Davis

Sara Orton

Sarah Dobbs

Sarah Hartley

Sarah Henning

Sarah Liebig

Sarah Masterson

Sarah McKee

Sarah Peng

Sarah Takessian

Sarina Larson, 2L & Law Review Member at MC LAW,

Sawyeh Esmaili

Sawyer Davis

Sayrah Sayrah Namaste

Scott Shuster

Sean Fabi

Sean Potter

Seo Yun

Seth McDowell

Seth Mills

Seth Tuthall

Shaelyn Dieter

Shaheen Rana

Shamauria Fair

Shan Khan

Shane Lesher

Shannon Marcoux 

Shayla Nguyen

Shayna Goldberg

Shea Howell

Shelby Forrest 

Shelley Northrup

Shuhud Mustafa

Siena Richardson

Sii-am Hamilton

sneha jayaraj

Sofía Verónica Montez

Sohini Desai

Solomon Steen

Solveig Olson-Strom

Sophia Helverson

Sophia Weaver


Sophie Leotta

Spencer Bowley

Srimathi Kannan

Stanford McConnehey

Steckley L Lee

Stephanie Gallagher

Stephanie Hernandez

Stephanie L. Ash, Esq. 

Stephen Ferrante

Stephen Kpundeh 

Steven Serikaku

Sue Gorton

Sunny Osment

Susan Bannister

Susan Heath

Susan Horn

Susan Jenkins 

Susan Nossal

Susannah Howe

susie day

Sydney Ji

Sylvia Schwarz

Sylvie Durlacher

T. Stephen Jones,  MD

Tahira Faune Alford

Taylor E. Pearson, JD, MSW

Terry J. Lodge

Tes Welborn

Thad Beaver

Theodore Bohn, Esq.

Theresa Jennings

Therese Putman

Thirsha kanapathipillai 

Tia Hunt

Tiana Brachel

Tiffany Stills

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Tom Bennigson

Tori Miller 

Traci Yoder

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UVA Survivors

Vail Kohnert-Yount

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Virginia Mcfarland

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Willa Bartric

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William Quigley 

William Smitherman

Winifred De Palma

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Yolanda Rondon

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