Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the National Lawyers Guild! Here’s what you can do:


  • Become a Friend of the NLG: Not eligible to become a member, but want to help sustain our work? Friends of the NLG is home to hundreds of donors who have committed to support our work month after month – with gifts ranging from $5 to $500.


  • Donate to the Mass Defense (Protest Support) Fund: The NLG Mass Defense Program is currently working across the country to protect the rights of those protesting the police killing of George Floyd and the broader pattern of ongoing racialized police violence. Our chapters and members are on the ground in dozens of cities right now supporting the right to dissent. Your donation will help provide legal support for political activists and movements for racial and economic justice.


  • Volunteer with the Guild: We have received overwhelming support and are currently not accepting volunteers from outside our current membership. If you are interested in becoming a legal observer, please see the membership description above.