Board and Staff

National Office Staff

Pooja Gehi, Executive Director

pooja head shot 2-2_0Pooja graduated from American University's Washington College (WCL) of Law in 2004 with a JD/MA in international affairs. At WCL she was the board chair of her National Lawyers Guild Law School Chapter.For the past eight years, Pooja has worked as a staff attorney and then the Director of Immigrant Justice at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) where she provided direct legal services for hundreds of low-income transgender and gender nonconforming clients in administrative hearings, immigration proceedings, civil litigation, and prisoners’ rights cases. Throughout this experience, she collaborated closely with LGBT organizations to build an analysis of gender justice among poverty and queer advocates across the nation. Pooja recently litigated Cruz v Zucker, securing access to transition related healthcare for New York State Medicaid recipients.

Daniel McGee, Managing Director, National Lawyers Guild Foundation

danielBefore coming to the NLGF, Daniel was Director of Finance and Development at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP), a legal project organized by-and-for low income transgender people and transgender people of color. Prior to SRLP, Daniel worked as a Legal Program Associate at the Center for Reproductive Rights. He is a Certified Not-for-Profit Accounting Professional, a Rockwood Leadership Institute Alumni and a 2011-12 21st Century Pipeline Project Fellow.


Traci Yoder, Director of Education and Research

Traci Pic_0Traci Yoder is the NLG Director of Education and Research. Before coming to the National Office, she was the Coordinator for the NLG Philadelphia Chapter and the Legal Worker Vice-President of the NLG National Executive Committee. She has written articles and reports on NLG history, mass surveillance, drug policy, legal education, and policing of protests for the Guild. She also coordinates the NLG Radical Law Student Project and the NLG Faculty Network. Traci holds advanced degrees in Anthropology and Library Studies. In addition to her NLG work, she volunteers with projects such as the Radical Archives of Philadelphia, the Wooden Shoe Book Collective, and Interference Archive of Brooklyn.

Tasha Moro, Director of Communications

tasha_0Prior to joining the National Office, Tasha developed a background in civic engagement, community organizing, and digital communications for civil rights organizations. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Reed College with a B.A. in Anthropology, and authored the thesis, Watching the Walls Speak: Popular Politics, Public Discourse, and Collective Memory in the Graffiti of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Lisa Drapkin, Director of Membership

Lisa DrapkinPrior to joining NLG full time, Lisa worked for several other nonprofits in member support roles, including the Foundation Center, the National Police Accountability Project of the NLG, and Vegan Outreach. In addition, she is involved with the efforts of the NLG's Mass Incarceration Committee and Prison Legal Project, NYC Books through Bars, and well as additional prison support groups. A lifelong New Yorker, she has a B.A. in English from CUNY Queens College.


King Downing, Director of Mass Defense

imgresKing Downing is a lawyer and founder of the Human Rights-Racial Justice Center. H2RJ advocates and organizes for criminal and economic justice, including the Drug War, mass incarceration, police abuse, Hip Hop profiling and racial profiling. He was an advised community and rights organizations, such as Nicole Bell’s Sean Bell Justice Project, named for her fiancé, killed by the NYPD.

King was also part of the Ferguson Legal Defense Committee, which supported the communities and protesters in the St. Louis area after the killing of Michael Brown. He earlier directed the Healing Justice Program of the American Friends Service Committee, working on the prison pipeline, solitary confinement, prisoner advocacy, and conflict resolution. King was also national coordinator of the ACLU's Campaign Against Racial Profiling, which challenged racial profiling including the school-to-prison pipeline and other police abuse. King was an early organizer in Jena, Louisiana supporting the Jena 6, black high school students charged with attempted murder for a fist fight with a white student. White students had hung nooses in a school tree.

King received his B.A. from Harvard University and is a graduate of Rutgers School of Law.

National Officers

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan - President

Roxana Orrell: Treasurer

Ria Thompson-Washington - Executive VP

Elena Cohen - Executive VP

Ken Montenegro - National VP

KT Crossman: National VP

Claire White - National VP

Joelle Lingat - Student National VP

Tracey Jackson - Student National VP

Judith Mirkinson - Legal Worker VP

Mumia Abu-Jamal - Jailhouse VP



Committee Representatives

Jude Ortiz – Mass Defense

Karol Ruiz – TUPOCC co-chair

Gilbert Bayonne – TUPOCC co-chair

Anthony Prince – Labor & Employment Committee Rep.

Brigitt Keller – National Police Accountability Project Director

John Bruning – Anti-Racism co-chair

Meghsha Barner – Anti-Racism co-chair

Jeanne Mirer – International Committee co-chair

Jordan Winquist – International Committee co-chair

Suzanne Adely – International Committee co-chair

Aaron Frishberg – Military Law Task Force Rep.

Patrick Tyrell – Housing Chair

Tehniat (Teni) Zaman – Environmental Justice Committee co-chair

Joel Kupferman - Environmental Justice Committee co-chair


Regional Vice Presidents

Ann Wilcox – Mid-Atlantic co-RVP

Michele Grant – Mid-Atlantic co-RVP

Tyler Ingraham – Northeast RVP

Ben Evans- Northeast RVP

Anthony Prince – Far West RVP

Daphne Silverman – Tex-Oma RVP

Johanna Hendley – Southwest RVP

Miriam Haskell – Southern RVP

Robin Martinez – Midwest RVP

Molly Armour – Midwest RVP

Neil Fox – Northwest RVP

Robert Burton-Harris – Mideast co-RVP

Sarah Coffey – Mideast co-RVP