2016 Atlanta NLG Disorientation

Disorientation Events

At the beginning of each academic year, many NLG student chapters organize “Disorientation” events to introduce the wider student body to the NLG and “people’s lawyering” in general. Whether this event is a quick meet-up of like-minded folks or a full-day event with panel discussions and workshops, it’s a great opportunity to find allies on campus. To learn more about organizing Disorientation events, contact Director of Research and Education Traci Yoder at traci@nlg.org.

NOTE: Due to the COVID pandemic, the NLG National Office has decided to not print Disorientation Manual this year and asks students to share our virtual resources such as the digital Disorientation Manual (below), Radical Law Student ProjectKnow Your Rights ResourcesNLG ReviewNLG ScholarsNLG Webinars, and more available on the website. Please also check out the many resources posted on our social media accounts (InstagramTwitterNLG National and NLG Students Facebook pages).

#DisO2020 Webinars: Movement Lawyering with the NLG & How to Stay Radical in Law School

View the full Disorientation Manual below, or read the full PDF here!

Download the PDF file .