The National Lawyers Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest progressive bar association and was the first one in the US to be racially integrated. The NLG mission is to use law for the people, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force, valuing human rights and the rights of ecosystems over property interests, in support of peoples’ struggles for liberation.

NLG has a small, full-time National Office (NO), which supports Committees, Chapters, members, and allied organizations in their critical movement work. Most NO positions are represented by our Union, a sub-unit of NOLSW / UAW Local 2320.

Some NLG Chapters and Committees have full- or part-time staff. These positions are overseen by the Chapter and/or Committee.

Open Positions

NLG National Office

NLG Chapters and Committees

Chicago Temporary Legal Support Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator for Massachusetts