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NLG Press Coverage:

01/03/24 | Common Dreams | 100+ Global Rights Groups Urge Support for South Africa's Genocide Case Against Israel at ICJ 

11/9/23 | Truthout | APEC Summit Will Celebrate Corporate Power. Activists Plan to Shut It Down.

11/2/23 | WBUR | City of Boston removes tent encampment at 'Mass. and Cass'

10/20/23 | Truthout | Law Firms Rescind Job Offers From Pro-Palestine Students at Harvard, Columbia

10/18/23 | Common Dreams | 800+ Legal Scholars Say Israel May Be Perpetuating the 'Crime of Genocide' in Gaza

9/8/23 | Black Star News | ACLU Urges Supreme Court To Affirm Right To Observe Police During Protest

8/9/23 | People's World | Civil rights icon George W. Crockett Jr. honored with a new biography

8/3/23 | Samidoun | Preliminary Statement and Findings of the Venezuela Fact-Finding Mission

7/26/23 | Samidoun | Samidoun joins international fact-finding mission to expose U.S. sanctions against Venezuela

7/21/23 | The Progressive | Biden Is Completely Ignoring the ‘Root Causes’ of Immigration

7/20/23 | Truthout | BLM Protesters Victimized by New York City Police Win $13 Million Settlement

7/20/23 | The Guardian | New York to pay $13.7m to George Floyd protesters arrested or beaten by police

7/20/23 | New York Times | New York to Pay $13 Million Over Police Actions at George Floyd Protests

7/20/23 | New York Daily News | New Yorkers arrested in 2020 BLM protests to get $13M in historic settlement 

7/18/23 | DAWN | 60+ National Organizations Urge Congress to Pursue Justice for Slain Palestinian-American Journalist

6/6/23 | The New York Times | Atlanta City Council Approves ‘Cop City’ Funding Despite Protests

6/3/23 | Grunge | The Untold Truth Of 1964'S Freedom Summer

6/2/23 | El Tecolote | The Border is Everywhere: Bay Area stands up for the right to asylum

6/2/23 | Unicorn Riot | Atlanta Solidarity Fund Organizers Granted Bond

5/23/23 | Truthout | “There Is No Safe Place in Gaza”: Palestinians Speak Out During Israeli Assault

5/17/23 | Truthout | Detained "Cop City" Journalist Sues Atlanta Police

5/12/23 | Truthout | Title 42 Was Inhumane and Illegal. So Are Biden’s New Border Policies

5/11/23 | Fight Back! News | Minneapolis rallies to free Alex Saab and all political prisoners!

5/9/23 | Dissent | The Fight Against Cop City

5/8/23 | Unicorn Riot | Three Face Felonies for Allegedly Flyering Near Home of One Georgia Trooper Tied to Killing of Forest Defender


5/3/21 | Newsweek | Independent Commission Calls U.S. Police Killing of Blacks 'Crimes Against Humanity,' But Lacks Enforcement Authority

5/3/21 | Common Dreams | National Lawyers Guild Urges Biden to Align US Israel-Palestine Policy With International Law 

5/1/21 | The Hill | Biden immigration moves under scrutiny from left and right

4/19/21 | Truthout | Cities Drop Most Charges Against BLM Protesters as Cops Fail to Provide Evidence

4/19/21 | Gothamist | City Settles Lawsuit From Protesters Who Accused NYPD Of Firing Sound Cannon At Them

4/18/21 | Associated Press | Immigration judge, subject of complaint by lawyers, retires

4/17/21 | The Guardian | Most charges against George Floyd protesters dropped, analysis shows

4/2/21 | USA Today | What should you do if you see police using excessive force? Legal experts say film it, just as bystanders did in George Floyd's death.

4/1/21 | CBS 58 | Milwaukee's National Lawyers Guild hosts Kimberley Motley's presentation on Wauwatosa police

3/11/21 | LA Times | Highly critical report faults LAPD for mishandling summer George Floyd unrest

3/11/21 | Capital & Main | Commission Considers Freedom From Police Brutality a Human Right

3/11/21 | Detroit Metro Times | Judge dismisses Detroit’s controversial countersuit against anti-police brutality protesters 

1/26/21 | Detroit Metro Times | Detroit drops charges against 238 anti-police brutality protesters 

1/21/21 | Truthout | Eric Garner’s Mother Says We Must Push for Justice That Her Son Didn’t Receive


12/28/20 | Democracy Now | “I Just Felt Like I Had No Control Over My Body”: Survivors of Alleged ICE Medical Abuse Speak Out

12/22/20 | Truthout | After Trump Blocked UN Inquiry of Racist Violence, NGOs Are Conducting Their Own

12/22/20 | The Hill | Migrant women file lawsuit against doctor for alleged forced medical procedures

12/22/20 | Virginia Mercury | Lawyers group urges speedy vaccination of Virginia prisoners, staff

7/28/20 | The Intercept | What Law Did We Break? How the NYPD Weaponized a Curfew Against Protesters and Residents

7/20/20 | The Nation | Tear Gas and Clubs in Lafayette Square Were Just the Beginning

7/6/20 | In These Times | They Came to Support People Getting Out of Jail. Then They Were Attacked By Police.

6/4/20 | WTSP How to Protest from Home and Still Inspire Change 

6/4/20 | FOX40 Explaining the Legal Observer Program 

6/4/20 | City Beat | Cincinnati Police Have 'Escalated Lawful Protests into Chaos' with Unjustified Use of Chemical Weapons, Says Ohio NLG

6/4/20 | Calif. Agencies Bear Costs of Redacting Electronic Records, But Questions Remain in PRA Decision

6/3/20 | News @ NorthWestern | These resources can help you you reflect and take action during the Black Lives Matter protests

6/3/20 | CBS Sacramento | Sacramento Activist's Skull Fracture After They Were Hit in Head with Police Rubber Bullets  

6/3/20 | Revolt TV | Run the Jewels raises money for protesting efforts with 'RTJ4' 

6/3/20 | The Intercept | NYPD Officers at George Floyd Protests are Covering their Badge numbers in Violation of Own Policy 

6/3/20 | M Live Groups accuse Detroit police of doing what protesters are protesting

6/3/20 |KQED | From Citations to Dog Walking: What You Need to Know About Bay Area Curfews

6/3/20 | Michigan Radio | A tale of two cities: protest from Detroit and Grand Rapids sound off

6/2/20 | Indybay | NLG Condemns Violent Police Response to Black Lives Matter Protests Nationwide 

6/2/20 | New York Magazine How to Protest Safely During a Pandemic

6/2/20 | Gizmodo | California Supreme Court Rules Cops Can't Bury Public Record Requests With Redaction Fees

6/1/20 | Vogue | Protest 101: What To Bring (And Not Bring), What To Watch Out For—And What To Do If You’re Arrested

5/28/20 | Courthouse News | California High Court Rules Cities Can’t Charge for Editing Police Videos

5/6/20 | The Stranger | Tax Amazon Calls for Lawmakers to Modernize Signature Gathering Process for Initiatives

5/2/20 | Eagle Times | Caravan draws attention to at-risk populations amid virus

5/1/20 | Law360 | La. Judge Says ICE Should Free 13 Detainees At Risk Of Virus

4/23/20 | Newsweek | Nearly 92% of Inmates Tested at Indiana Correctional Facility Positive for Coronavirus Amid Calls for Inmates to Be Released

4/22/20 | The Haitian Times | A Coalition of more than 100 groups demand Trump stop deportations to Haiti

4/21/20 | IndyStar | Indiana lawyers ask Holcomb to release prisoners vulnerable to coronavirus

4/17/20| KALW | Advocates Ask California To House All Homeless Residents

4/16/20 | In These Times | The EPA Has Abandoned Its Duty To Protect the Environment. ‘Rights of Nature’ Laws Can Fill the Void

4/14/20 | KVOA | Eviction hearings postponed in Pima County until early May

4/6/20 | Law360 | ICE Detainees Denied Release Over COVID-19 Concerns

3/31/20 | The Hill | Immigration groups sue Trump administration for keeping courts open amid coronavirus

3/28/20 | | Groups Sue ICE On Behalf Of HoCo Detainees Due To Coronavirus 

3/27/20 | Truthout | DOJ Seeks to Exploit Coronavirus Emergency to Detain People Indefinitely

3/24/20 | NBC | ACLU sues ICE over detention of immigrants vulnerable to coronavirus

3/23/20 | The Cornell Sun | Crisis Calls For Desperate Measures: Activists Push for Emergency Fund, University Adds Sick Days

3/19/20 | CU Independent | Students demand removal of surveillance cameras in CU’s Wolf Law Building

3/7/20 | The Mercury | Fired Montco public defenders draw support at rally and commissioners' meeting 

3/5/20 | The Buffalo News | Sheriff working hard to prevent voters from knowing what he is doing

3/3/20 | The Portland Mercury Jury Clears Twerking Protester From Criminal Charges

2/25/20 | The Atlantic | What Bloomberg Did to Peaceful Protesters

2/22/20 | The Buffalo News | Erie County pays $27K, but plans to appeal order that sheriff turn over jail records

2/17/20 | Truthout | Extradition of Assange Would Set a Dangerous Precedent

2/16/20 | Common Dreams | Assange’s Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Anti-War Movement

2/14/20 | California News Publishers Association | Supreme Court sets hearing in case over increased CPRA fees

2/11/20 | Boston Neighborhood News | [VIDEO] New Disclosures on Surveillance of Activists

2/7/20 | Phoenix New Times | 'No One Claims Responsibility': Amid Rising Homelessness, Phoenix and Its Largest Shelter Are Out of Sync

2/4/20 | Chicago Sun Times | Lightfoot urged to pull the plug on facial recognition technology

1/29/20 | Harvard Daily Crimson | Law School Students Criticize Wisconsin Prosecutor in Open Letter

1/21/20 | TMJ4 | Harvard Law students criticize Kenosha County District Attorney in Chrystul Kizer case

1/20/20 | Pagosa Daily Post | ‘Lake Erie Bill of Rights’ Heads Into Federal Court

1/17/20 | CounterPunch | Saint Greta and the Dragon

1/16/20 | Park Labrea News | WeHo declines to sponsor Sex Worker Task Force


11/25/19 | The New Yorker | Prepping for Parole

10/16/19 | Truthout | Pro-Democracy Movement in Haiti Swells Despite Lethal Police Violence

10/6/19 | The Progressive | The New Green Scare

9/12/19 | Teen Vogue | These States Are Pushing Laws to Restrict Protests on College Campuses

9/4/19 | Boston Herald | Lawyer taken away in handcuffs after showdown with Boston judge 

9/4/19 | Common Dreams | ‘Outrageous Behavior’ as Boston Judge Holds National Lawyers Guild Attorney in Contempt for Reading Case Law in Court

8/9/19 | Colorlines | Message From the Ferguson Grassroots, 5 Years After Michael Brown’s Death

6/6/19 | Truthout | Trump’s New Travel Restrictions Harm Both US and Cuban People

5/16/19 | Truthout | US Illegally Evicts Protectors From Venezuelan Embassy

4/25/19 | Boston Review | The Government Is Targeting Immigration Lawyers, Activists, and Reporters

4/9/19 | | As Calls Get Louder, Governments Crack Down on Environmental Protests

3/20/19 | Truthout | Daniel Ellsberg Calls Chelsea Manning “an American Hero”

3/19/19 | | More States Aim to Crack Down on Environmental Protesting

2/18/19 | Remezcla | How a Latino Family Helped Integrate Public Schools in California

2/15/19 | New York Times | Why is the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Is Charging $350,000 for Records?

1/20/19 | Fox 40 | Proposed Emergency Ordinance Would Ban Certain Items at Sacramento Protests

1/16/19 | The Inquirer | Amazon, Google and Microsoft urged to stop flogging facial recognition tech to US gov

1/16/19 | Fortune | Coalition Pressures Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to Keep Facial Recognition Surveillance Away From Government


12/19/18 | Truthout | First Step Act Has Sinister Implications for the Poor and Marginalized

12/19/18 | San Francisco Chronicle | State Supreme Court to take up public records cost case

11/26/18 | San Diego Union-Tribune | With goal in sight, caravan members must make tough choices about asylum

11/19/18 | New York Times | Migrant Caravan Is Just Yards From U.S. Border, but Long Wait Lies Ahead

11/19/18 | Truthout | Trump’s Military Deployment to the US-Mexico Border Is Illegal

11/16/18 | Boston Herald | Lawsuit urges Boston police to reveal gang data

11/14/18 | Pacific Standard | Following a Nationwide Strike, Prisoners Say They Face Repressive Repercussions

11/9/18 | Portland Mercury | City Commissioners, Lawyers Denounce Mayor's Proposed Protest Rules 

10/24/18 | Democracy Now! | Who’s Behind ICE? How Amazon, Palantir, Microsoft & Tech Giants Are Powering Trump’s Deportations

10/11/18 | Washington Post | U.S. judges balk at ICE detention of defendants granted bail under Trump ‘zero tolerance’ push

10/11/18 | New York Law Journal | Law Schools Hold Walkout Over Supreme Court Confirmation

10/10/18 | Washington Post | Law students walk out of classes over Kavanaugh confirmation

10/9/18 | BustleLaw Students' Strike Over Kavanaugh Aims To Get Congressional Candidates' Attention In A Big Way

10/9/18 | The Chronicle of Higher EducationLaw Students Plan Walkout on Wednesday to Protest Kavanaugh Confirmation

10/4/18 | TruthoutKavanaugh Is a Threat to All of Us. We’re Walking Out in Protest.

10/4/18 | JuristTurkish Trial of Lawyers is a Mockery of Justice

10/1/18 | Truthout | Keeping the Spirit of the Prison Labor Strike Alive

9/30/18 | The New YorkerHow the Kavanaugh Protests Reached the National Stage

9/24/18 | San Francisco Chronicle | Berkeley confronts First Amendment concerns after police tweets

9/13/18 | Pacific Standard | 'It's a fight for human rights': An interview with a prison strike organizer

8/24/18 | Chicago Tribune | They're watching, whether the whole world is watching or not. Legal observers in green hats are part of Chicago protests.

8/24/18 | The Appeal | Doxxed by Berkeley Police

8/20/18 | Mother JonesPrisoners Are Getting Creative to Pull Off a Massive Strike This Week

8/15/18 | Politico | ‘Abolish Prisons’ Is the New ‘Abolish ICE’ 

8/15/18 | ThinkProgressEnvironmental groups warn of Kavanaugh’s history defending corporate polluters

8/14/18 | The Nation | The Dangers of Shunning ‘Bad’ Protesters

8/14/18 | WNYC | Prisoner Advocates Say Parole Board Is Understaffed and Overwhelmed

8/13/18 | In These Times | There Is a Coordinated Campaign to Suppress Criticism of Israel

8/8/18 | The Daily Dot | Unite the Right 2 is happening—and these people are trying to shut it down

8/6/18 | The Guardian | Berkeley police under fire for publishing anti-fascist activists' names and photos

7/30/18 | The Nation | What Is Prison Abolition?

7/25/18 | Splinter | Trump Administration Ignored Warnings That Policy Change Would Only Help MS-13

7/20/18 | SCOTUSblog | Friday round-up

7/10/18 | MintPress News | The Supreme Court, Social Progress, and the Continued Supremacy of White Racism and Capitalism

7/13/18 | Paste Magazine | Native American Standing Rock Protestors Face Unfair Trials, Lengthy Prison Sentences

7/14/18 | The Intercept | In the J20 Trials, the Feds Said They Went After “Bad Protesters.” That Just Means Another Crackdown on Dissent.

7/5/18 | MassLive | Massachusetts prisons treating hundreds of Hepatitis C patients under legal settlement

6/30/18 | Boston Globe | Settlement between prisoners, Department of Correction prompts new Hepatitis C protocol

6/29/18 | VICE | Inside the Portland Occupy ICE Camp and Its Battle with the Feds

6/28/18 | KPNX | ICE resumes normal operations in Portland as protest continues

6/14/18 | Courthouse News | Second Circuit Gets Loud With NYPD on Sound Cannons

6/11/18 | Grist | How to protest in Trump’s America according to people on the frontlines

6/8/18 | Facing South | VOICES OF RESISTANCE: Connecting human rights work in the U.S. and global South

6/6/18 | CBS Sacramento | Sacramento County Cancels ICE Contract

5/23/18 | The Intercept | Prosecutors Withheld Evidence that Could Exonerate J20 Inauguration Protesters, Judge Rules

5/21/18 | In These TimesIllinois Bill Would Allow Cops to Spy on Protesters Using Drones With Facial-Recognition Technology

5/15/18 | SplinterDHS Officials Sought Negative Information on Haitians Before Ending Vital Humanitarian Program

5/14/18 | VICE | Prosecutors Are Still Trying to Send Trump Inauguration Protesters to Prison

5/7/18 | Pacific Standard | How to Organize a Prison Strike

5/4/18 | TruthoutTrump Disregards Caravan Migrants' Legal Right to Apply for Asylum

5/2/18 | | Why we protested Israeli consul general's visit to Syracuse University

4/27/18 | ThinkProgress | Pipeline protestor denied food could be at risk of ‘death or significant injury’, attorneys warn

4/27/18 | The Intercept | A County Sheriff’s Election in North Carolina Has Become a Referendum on ICE’s Deportation Machine

4/25/18 |Portland MercuryThe District Attorney’s Office May Be Over-Protecting Cops

4/24/18 | Teen VogueHere's What It's Like to Be Arrested for Protesting Paul Ryan

4/22/18 | The Sydney Morning Herald | Criminalising protest in the USA: the story of the J20 trial

4/19/18 | Bloomberg |Palantir Knows Everything About You

4/18/18 | Vogue | Return to Standing Rock

4/17/18 | CNN | DHS decision to end Haitian immigrant protections questioned

4/17/18 | Splinter | DHS Ignored Its Own Staff's Findings Before Ending Humanitarian Program For Haitians

4/17/18 | Miami Herald | DHS says post-quake Haiti has made 'significant progress.' But TPS report says otherwise

4/17/18 | ABC News | Internal Trump administration documents appear to contradict decision to end humanitarian program for Haiti

4/16/18 | Shadowproof | Prosecutors Invoke Union Membership to Criminalize Inauguration Day Protesters

4/16/18 | KBOO | National Lawyers Guild Week Against Mass Incarceration

4/16/18 | In These Times | Law Enforcement Has Quietly Backed Anti-Protest Bills in at Least 8 States Since Trump’s Election

4/15/18 | ThinkProgress | Colorado fracking company wants to ‘silence’ opposition to massive drilling project, lawyer says

4/13/18 | The Roanoke TimesRoanoke County cuts off supplies to tree-sitters blocking pipeline crews

4/13/18 | Rewire | ‘Enough Is Enough’: Legal Advocates File Petition to Intervene in Family Detention Licensing Case

4/12/18 | Associated Press | Group prods state on bid to close immigrant detention center

4/10/18 | Fox40 Sacramento | DA Schubert Rejects Civil Rights Groups’ Invitation to Debate

4/10/18 | PolitiFact | Protesters for hire? Sacramento Sheriff provides no evidence for inflammatory claim

3/31/18 | The Hilltop | Enough is Enough: Howard Students Take Action

3/30/18 | The IndypendentMeet Marty Stolar, a Lawyer Who Carries Protests into the Courtroom

3/27/18 | Shadowproof | Judge Rules It Was Necessary For Activists In Massachusetts To Engage In Civil Disobedience To Stop Pipeline

3/26/18 | Buffalo News | Sheriff's office vs. the law

3/25/18 | The Intercept | Terrible Mistreatment of Haitians is a Shared Pastime of Donald Trump and the "Deep State"

3/23/18 | Buffalo News | Sheriff's staff blocks release of records after inmate lands in hospital

3/19/18 | Fox 40Sacramento Black Lives Matter to Launch ‘Copwatch’ Program

3/16/18 | Mental Floss | 10 Revolutionary Facts About Thurgood Marshall

3/16/18 | | Inside the campaign to take down Penn Law prof Amy Wax

3/15/18 | News Review | Pass for protest: Monsanto 10 found not guilty in activist event

3/15/18 | Committee to Protect Journalists | Journalists covering protests in US risk getting caught up in police kettling tactic

3/15/18 | Newsday | Suit seeks to block ending protected status for Haitians

3/15/18 | Law360 | Haitians’ Protected Status Nixed Due To Racial Bias, Suit Says

3/15/18 | Miami Herald | Haitians in South Florida, New York latest to sue Trump over TPS

3/15/18 | ABC 10 News | San Diego Police Chief launches internal investigation into "rewards for arrests" email

3/14/18 | Brooklyn Eagle | Brooklyn Law School students take part in student walkout for gun control

3/14/18 | New York Law JournalNYPD Rescinds Police-as-Prosecutors Agreement With Manhattan DA

3/13/18 | Charleston City PaperS.C. prisons not adequately treating inmates for Hepatitis C, lawsuit claims

3/11/18 | AlterNet | Noam Chomsky and Danny Glover Condemn U.S. and Canada Over Venezuela Sanctions

3/10/18 | Boston Globe | Prisoners, Mass. reach settlement agreement for treatment of hepatitis C

3/10/18 | Boston Herald | Prisoners’ rights group nears deal on hepatitis C tests

3/8/18 | Shadowproof | Immigrant Rights Activist Detained in Arizona as ICE Retaliates against Political Opponents

3/5/18 | Michigan Radio/NPR | How groups are gearing up for Richard Spencer’s visit to MSU

3/4/18 | The Intercept | Excessive Force: ICE Shackled 92 Somalis for 40 Hours On a Failed Deportation Flight. That Was Just the Start of the Abuse

2/21/18 | In These Times | The FBI Questioned a Black Man About Racist Extremists in Charlottesville—Now He Could Go to Prison

2/20/18 | Buffalo News | Erie County Sheriff's Office faces suit over request for jail records

2/20/18 | Spectrum News Buffalo | Erie County Sheriff's Office Accused of Trying to Hide Prisoners' Suicide Attempts

2/20/18 | WNY Media Network | Sheriff Howard Continues to Evade Accountability for Suicide Attempts at County Jails

2/13/18 | Los Angeles Daily News | Activists demand details on 'secretive' LAPD crime-fighting tool

2/9/18 | The Intercept | ICE is Targeting Political Opponents for Deportation, Ravi Ragbir and Rights Groups Say in Court

2/9/18 | Democracy Now! | Ravi Ragbir Wins Say of Deportation

2/5/18 | Detroit Metro Times | Noam Chomsky will speak in Dearborn on Sunday

1/26/18 | Podcast: Season of the Bitch | Leftism and the Law

1/15/18 | NY Daily News | Civil rights groups call for investigation into NYPD’s handling of protests


12/21/17 | Democracy Now! | Stoked! Journalist Alexei Wood & First J20 Defendants Found “Not Guilty” as 188 Still Face Trial

12/21/17 | Al Jazeera | Anti-Trump protesters facing decades in jail cleared

12/21/17 | The Indypendent | DisruptJ20 Defendants Found Not Guilty

12/21/17 | Common Dreams | ‘Victory for Right to Dissent’ as Six J20 Protesters Found Not Guilty on All Charges

12/16/17 | Al Jazeera | US: Jury deliberation begins for first J20 defendants

12/20/17 | Riverfront Times | Ferguson Protesters Lose Appeal Against St. Louis County’s Interfering Law

12/16/17 | Houston Chronicle | Harvey expenses continue to rise for Texas prison system

12/15/17 | Democracy Now! | Medics, Observers & a Journalist Face 50 Years in Prison in First Trial of J20 Inauguration Protests

12/10/17 | The Detroit News | Michigan 8 could face prison over Trump protest

12/7/17 | LA Times | L.A. to spend up to $150,000 to settle street vendor lawsuit

11/28/17 | Democracy Now! | J20 Trial: 200+ Inauguration Protesters, Journalists & Observers Face Riot Charges From Mass Arrest

11/20/17 | The Nation | ICE Admits Gang Operations Are Designed to Lock Up Immigrants

11/19/17 | HuffPost | An American Journalist Is Facing A Felony Trial This Week — In The United States

11/15/17 | TruthoutAs Trial Begins, Trump Protest Attendees Face 60 Years in Prison

11/9/17 | HuffPost | Amid Immigration Crackdown, Cities Step In With Free Legal Aid

11/8/17 | LA Times |Street vendors could be banned near Hollywood Boulevard, Staples Center and other areas

11/8/17 | Portland Mercury | There’s a New Call for Portland to Sever Ties With a Federal Terrorism Task Force

11/1/17 | Shelbyville Times-Gazette | Cookout brings diverse groups together at rally

10/31/17 | DCist | D.C. Police Spent $300,000 On Weapons, Equipment For Inauguration

10/25/17 | The Davis Vanguard | Historic Homeless Trial Begins in Sacramento

10/25/17 | LA TimesProtesters who burned the U.S. flag at 2016 Republican convention were wrongly charged, judge says

10/17/17 | LA Times | LAPD becomes nation’s largest police department to test drones after oversight panel signs off on controversial program

10/13/17 | The Nation | After Harvey, Texas Inmates Were Left in Flooded Prisons Without Adequate Water or Food

10/12/17 | Riverfront Times | St. Louis County’s ‘Interfering’ with Police Law Is Unconstitutional, Lawyers Argue

10/4/17 | Chicago Monitor | DHS Is Watching Your Social Media, But You Already Knew That

9/28/17 | WBFO | Noise is Buffalo Police Department’s newest crowd control tactic

9/26/17 | Willamette Week | Multnomah County Prosecutors Take a Hard Line Against Protesters Arrested in the Portland Streets

9/26/17 | WBKW | Buffalo Police purchase $30,000 riot control device

9/24/17 | The Washington Post | The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America. Today, they might be illegal.

9/19/17 | The Intercept | Asylum-Seeker Says He’s Being Deported Because ICE Mishandled Evidence of Anti-Gay Attack

9/14/17 | OPB | Legal Observer Files Tort Claim After Police Officer Shoved Him

9/14/17 | Willamette Week | National Lawyers Guild Plans to Sue Portland City Hall After a Police Officer Shoved a Legal Observer at Sunday’s Protests

9/14/17 | The Portland Mercury | Tort Claim Notice Filed Against City After Portland Cop Shoves Legal Observer to Ground

9/12/17 | TeleSURAcross the US, Migrant Justice Groups Demand That ICE ‘Shows Their Papers

9/8/17 | Independent Journal Review | Professor Who Wrote ‘All Cultures Are Not Equal’ Labeled a ‘Segregationist’ by Critics

9/6/17 | San Francisco Chronicle | We are all antifa

8/30/17 | The Daily Pennsylvanian | Penn Law students: should professor who praised ‘bourgeois’ culture be teaching first-year course?

8/28/17 | Al Jazeera | US anti-racists counter hate

8/28/17 | CBS SF Bay Area | Berkeley Counter-Demonstration Organizers Defend Antifa

8/27/17 | LA Times | Bay Area SURJ organizers urge their members to stand together, be disciplined — but fight back

8/23/17 | BuzzFeed News | The Surge Of Protests Under Trump Has Created A Boom In Legal Notetakers

8/18/17 | Boston Magazine | How to Protest Boston’s “Free Speech Rally”

8/17/17 | Oregon Live | Portland anti-fascist activists invoke Charlottesville, vow ‘fight for justice in the streets’

8/16/17 | Splinter | Activists Warned of Violence in Charlottesville. The City Didn’t Listen.

7/18/17 | The Daily Gazette | Spa City residents speak out on ICE arrests

7/18/17 | Associated Press | Groups criticize ‘militaristic’ police response at protest

7/17/17 | The Daily Progress | In letters to city and McAuliffe, ACLU, others question police tactics at Klan rally

7/7/17 | Above the Law|  Test Case: I Served As A Legal Observer For A Group Counter-Protesting The ‘March Against Sharia’

6/30/17 | GOOD | Legal Advice Is Once Again Available For Free To Those Targeted By Trump’s Travel Ban

6/29/17 | LA Times | Civil rights lawyers and protesters return to LAX as the new Trump travel ban takes effect

6/28/17 | East Bay Times | Council sets deadline for report on Berkeley police stops

6/26/17 | NBC News | 12 Arrests as LGBTQ Activists Turn Pride March Into Protest

6/23/17 | ThinkProgress | Traffic stops in Georgia are leaving children without their immigrant parents

6/23/17 | The Mercury News | Members of Congress call on ICE to free detained Bay Area construction workers

6/19/17 | United Nations | Special Committee Approves Text Calling on United States to Expedite Puerto Rico’s Self-Determination Process, Welcomes Release of Long-Time Independence Activist

6/19/17 | The Indypendent | 75 Years for Protesting in Black?

6/19/18 | The Fresno Bee | Fresno City Council should stand up for legal defense for immigrants facing deportation

6/7/17 | Delaware Public Media | Analysis of prisoner grievance letters finds pre-uprising strike

6/3/17 | The Intercept | Standing Rock Documents Expose Inner Workings of “Surveillance-Industrial Complex”

6/1/17 | Grist | Paramilitary security tracked and targeted DAPL opponents as “jihadists,” docs show

6/1/17 | Gothamist | The NYPD Claimed Its LRAD Sound Cannon Isn’t A Weapon. A Judge Disagreed

6/1/17 | ABA Journal | Paying for Free Speech: Proposed laws would regulate public protests

5/25/17| The Anti-Media | A Shadowy Corporate Lobby May Be Quietly Trying to Ban Protesting Across the U.S.

5/23/17 | Seattle Times | Attacking the First Amendment with mask bill is wrong and a waste of legislators’ time 

5/19/17 | Observer | Undocumented Immigrant Hunt Expands Use of Controversial Stingray Tech

5/19/17 | ThinkProgress | Felony charges against inauguration protesters represent ‘historic crossroads’

5/18/17 | Boston Globe | These are the real ‘greatest witch hunts’ in political history

5/18/17 | Fusion | Can These Muslim Activists Derail Trump’s Travel Ban?

5/18/17 | Shadowproof | The Federal Government is Trying to Imprison these Six Water Protectors

5/17/17 | Jacobin | The Imperial Bureau

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Here are Some of the Massive Security Measures Cleveland is Taking for the GOP Convention

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