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NLG Press Coverage:

03/16/24 | Peninsula 360 Press | The conflict in Gaza is not religious or racial, it is a position based on values

03/07/24 | Truthout | Once a Fugitive, Attorney for Black Panther Member Recounts His Life Underground

03/07/24 | The People's Network | NLG Sues Boston Police Over Unanswered Records Request on White Supremacist March

03/07/24 | The Tufts Daily | Students allege police aggression at Nov. 17 protest for Palestine

03/07/24 | 2 WGRZ On Your Side | Lawsuit accuses Erie County Sheriff of stonewalling

03/07/24 | The Daily Free Press | New lawsuit against BPD, BRIC shows a trend in lack of transparency

03/06/24 | Unicorn Riot | Nationwide ‘Week of Abolition’ Envisions an Abolitionist Future Without Prisons, Police

03/04/24 | Prism | Stop Cop City Bay Area unites for Palestine

02/26/24 | Refugees International | 150+ Organizations Stand in Solidarity with Annunciation House and Denounce Texas’ Attacks on Humanitarian Aid

02/20/24 | The State Press | GPSA Passed BDS Reform, Boycotts Several International Businesses

02/12/24 | Freedom of the Press Foundation | Rights orgs to Georgia AG: Stop criminalizing dissent and privacy

01/03/24 | Common Dreams | 100+ Global Rights Groups Urge Support for South Africa's Genocide Case Against Israel at ICJ 

11/9/23 | Truthout | APEC Summit Will Celebrate Corporate Power. Activists Plan to Shut It Down.

11/2/23 | WBUR | City of Boston removes tent encampment at 'Mass. and Cass'

10/20/23 | Truthout | Law Firms Rescind Job Offers From Pro-Palestine Students at Harvard, Columbia

10/18/23 | Common Dreams | 800+ Legal Scholars Say Israel May Be Perpetuating the 'Crime of Genocide' in Gaza

9/8/23 | Black Star News | ACLU Urges Supreme Court To Affirm Right To Observe Police During Protest

8/9/23 | People's World | Civil rights icon George W. Crockett Jr. honored with a new biography

8/3/23 | Samidoun | Preliminary Statement and Findings of the Venezuela Fact-Finding Mission

7/26/23 | Samidoun | Samidoun joins international fact-finding mission to expose U.S. sanctions against Venezuela

7/21/23 | The Progressive | Biden Is Completely Ignoring the ‘Root Causes’ of Immigration

7/20/23 | Truthout | BLM Protesters Victimized by New York City Police Win $13 Million Settlement

7/20/23 | The Guardian | New York to pay $13.7m to George Floyd protesters arrested or beaten by police

7/20/23 | New York Times | New York to Pay $13 Million Over Police Actions at George Floyd Protests

7/20/23 | New York Daily News | New Yorkers arrested in 2020 BLM protests to get $13M in historic settlement 

7/18/23 | DAWN | 60+ National Organizations Urge Congress to Pursue Justice for Slain Palestinian-American Journalist

6/6/23 | The New York Times | Atlanta City Council Approves ‘Cop City’ Funding Despite Protests

6/3/23 | Grunge | The Untold Truth Of 1964'S Freedom Summer

6/2/23 | El Tecolote | The Border is Everywhere: Bay Area stands up for the right to asylum

6/2/23 | Unicorn Riot | Atlanta Solidarity Fund Organizers Granted Bond

5/23/23 | Truthout | “There Is No Safe Place in Gaza”: Palestinians Speak Out During Israeli Assault

5/17/23 | Truthout | Detained "Cop City" Journalist Sues Atlanta Police

5/12/23 | Truthout | Title 42 Was Inhumane and Illegal. So Are Biden’s New Border Policies

5/11/23 | Fight Back! News | Minneapolis rallies to free Alex Saab and all political prisoners!

5/9/23 | Dissent | The Fight Against Cop City

5/8/23 | Unicorn Riot | Three Face Felonies for Allegedly Flyering Near Home of One Georgia Trooper Tied to Killing of Forest Defender