Chapter List

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If you’re seeking NLG chapter protest arrest hotlines or other mass defense support, visit NLG Chapters are organized into regions. Click on a region below to see the local chapters and their contact information. What are Chapters? Chapters are run by volunteer members like yourself! Though it varies, the majority of chapters focus on mass defense efforts like legal observing and providing “Know Your Rights” trainings, running jail support hotlines, and finding representation for protesters. Some chapters are a lot more active than others, and some have vibrant local committees outside of mass defense. Many times a chapter can be very active for a period and then become dormant for the next.  Our largest and most active chapters are our “Staffed Chapters” of NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Michigan, and Massachusetts. If you would like to hear more about getting involved in a particular chapter as a member, reach out using the contact information listed. If you do and do not hear back within a few days, email the National Membership Director at Interested in becoming more involved with the NLG but don’t have a chapter near you? Contact to learn about starting an NLG chapter in your area!

Northwest Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Junga Cha & Andi Pla) |



Oregon: Eugene/Southern Oregon

Oregon: Portland

Washington: Seattle

Washington: Whatcom-Skagit

Far West Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Sasha Novis & Delia Metoyer) |

California: Central Valley

California: Los Angeles

California: Sacramento

California: San Diego

California: San Francisco/Bay Area

Southwest Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Zoë Williams and Shoshanna Silverberg) |

Arizona: Central

Arizona: Southern


Nevada: Las Vegas

Nevada: Reno

New Mexico

Texoma Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Megan Rue & Raymundo Rojas) |


Texas: Austin

Texas: El Paso

Texas: San Antonio

Southern Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Liliya Oliferuk & Reighlah Collins) |



Florida: Central

Florida: Gainesville

Florida: South

Georgia: Atlanta and Greater Atlanta



North Carolina

Tennessee: Chattanooga

Tennessee: Knoxville

Midwest Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Justice Gatson & Scott Kampas)|

Illinois: Chicago



Kansas/Missouri: Kansas City


Missouri: St. Louis

Wisconsin: Madison

Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Mideast Region

Regional Vice President (Kathleen Garbacz) |



Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh

Mid-Atlantic Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Olivia Cappello and Nick Beard) |


New Jersey & Delaware

Pennsylvania: Central

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Virginia: Central

Washington, DC

Northeast Region

Regional Vice Presidents (Nate Fox & Shahily Negron-Falcon) |



New York: Albany

New York: Buffalo

New York: New York City

New York: Rochester

Rhode Island