The National Lawyers Guild Central Florida is an organization dedicated to addressing the need for structural change in our political, economic, and judicial system. 

We organize to: 

  1. Promote justice in the administration of the law, Constitutions, and the administrative and judicial agencies of government; 
  2. Protect and foster democratic institutions, making such systems responsive to the will of the people;
  3. Maintain and protect the human and civil rights and liberties of all the people, animals, nature, and the Earth in the face of persistent attacks; 
  4. Eliminate economic and social oppression of all minority groups:
  5. Improve the relations between the legal profession and the community at large; and 
  6. Encourage a genuine concern for racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, status, social, cultural, economic, and political justice aspects and the interests and rights of humans, animals, nature, and the Earth within legal education. 

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