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Northwest Region
Far West Region
Southwest Region
Texoma Region
Southern Region
Midwest Region
Mid-East Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Northeast Region

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Northwest Region

Neil Fox, Northwest RVP –

Seattle NLG Chapter
Jenn Kaplan,

Portland NLG Chapter
Ashlee Albies,

Eugene NLG Chapter
Marianne Dugan,

Idaho NLG Chapter
Ritchie Eppink,

Far West Region

Sacramento NLG Chapter
twitter: NLG_Sacramento

San Francisco/Bay Area NLG Chapter
Therese Davis,

Los Angeles NLG Chapter
Ameena Mirza Qazi,

Orange County NLG Chapter

San Diego NLG Chapter
Kate Yavenditti,

Central Valley CA NLG Chapter
Aida Macedo,
Mariah Thompson,

Southwest Region

Johanna Hendley, Southwest RVP –

Colorado NLG Chapter
Charles Nadler,

Central AZ NLG Chapter
Diane Post,

New Mexico NLG Chapter
Rebekah Wolf,

Southern AZ NLG Chapter
Abigail Okrent,

Utah NLG Chapter

Texoma Region

Daphne Silverman, Texoma RVP –

Austin NLG Chapter

San Antonio NLG Chapter
Grace Hernandez,

Southern Region

Miriam Haskell, Southern RVP –

Louisiana NLG Chapter
Alison McCrary,

Alabama NLG Chapter
David Gespass,

Tennessee/Nashville NLG Chapter
Meghsha Barner,

Southern FL NLG Chapter
Aidil Oscariz,

Georgia NLG Chapter
Laura Rivera,

North Carolina NLG Chapter
Aaron Jacobson,
Brandy Haynes,


Midwest Region

Molly Armour & Robin Martinez, Midwest RVPs –

Minnesota NLG Chapter
Michelle Gross,

Kansas City NLG Chapter
Benjamin Easter,

St. Louis NLG Chapter
Scott Kampas,

Indiana NLG Chapter
for Indiana general: Bryan Bullock,
for Indianapolis specific:

Chicago NLG Chapter
Remigio Torres,

Madison NLG Chapter
Victor Forberger,

Milwaukee NLG Chapter
Art Heitzer,

Mideast Region

Sarah Coffey & Robert Burton-Harris, Mideast RVPs –

Detroit and Michigan NLG Chapter
Curtis McGuire,

Ohio NLG Chapter
Jocelyn Rosnick & Jacqueline Green,,

Buffalo NLG Chapter
William Iannaccone,

Pittsburgh NLG Chapter
Rachel Rosnick,

Mid-Atlantic Region

Michele Grant – & Ann Wilcox –, Mid-Atlantic RVPs

Central PA NLG Chapter
Sarah Schubert,

Washington, DC NLG Chapter
Matt Mihalich,

New Jersey/Delaware NLG Chapter
(Paul) Stanley Holdorf and Rachel Y
Maryland NLG Chapter

Curtis Cooper,

Philadelphia NLG Chapter
Michele Grant,

Northeast Region

Benjamin Evans & Tyler Ingraham, Northeast RVPs –

New York City NLG Chapter
Susan Howard,

Albany NLG Chapter
Samantha Barnhart,

Rhode Island NLG Chapter
Ben Evans,

Massachusetts NLG Chapter
Urszula Masny-Latos,

Vermont NLG Chapter
Henry Harris,