Breach of Privilege: Spying on Lawyers in the United States

Breach of Privilege Original Report: This report brings to light the government’s long history of covert surveillance of attorneys and their activist clients. In Breach of Privilege: Spying on Lawyers in the United States, NLG Senior Researcher Traci Yoder gives a comprehensive analysis of covert government spying on the legal profession and its detrimental impact on […]

High Crimes

High Crimes: NLG Report on Strategies to Further Marijuana Legalization Initiatives In November 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states—and the first jurisdictions in the world—to legalize the possession, use, and regulated distribution of marijuana. Although Attorney General Eric Holder promised in March 2013 to announce a Department of Justice policy to address the […]

Delegation in Venezuela

Delegation in Venezuela: Report of the NLG Delegation on the April 14, 2013 Presidential Election and Expanded May-June Audit in Venezuela. On April 14, 2013, over 79 percent of the electorate participated in the special elections to determine the next president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Nícolás Maduro Moros won the election with 50.61% of the […]

An Analysis of the 2012 RNC and DNC

An Analysis of the 2012 RNC and DNC: Drawing from firsthand observations of NLG members who were in Tampa and Charlotte, as well as interviews with activists and media accounts, this report presents an overview of the 2012 RNC and DNC demonstrations and makes recommendations for treatment of protesters at future events. In particular, we discuss […]

Beyond AETA

How Corporate-Crafted Legislation Brands Activists as Terrorists: A policy paper showing the influence of model legislation drafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative group of state legislators, on state legislation around the country. Federal legislation passed in 2006, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), was largely drafted by ALEC and has drawn a […]

Policing of Political Speech

Policing Political Speech: Constraints on Mass Dissent in the U.S. The National Lawyers Guild has released its third comprehensive report on government violations of First Amendment rights on the one-year anniversary of the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. “The Policing of Political Speech” documents how police over-reaction to protected speech has informed unlawful police tactics at […]

Punishing Protest

Punishing Protest: Government Tactics that Suppress Free Speech A report from the Guild’s then-executive director Heidi Boghosian examining a hierarchy of government threats to the exercise of political speech.