This year, #Law4thePeople will look a little different. Here are the highlights of the major changes:

  • We will not be hosting a week-long event; instead, we are accepting programming proposals throughout the year, and hosting #Law4thePeople panels and workshops one at a time from May through December
  • The Keynote Presentation, Awards Celebration, and Governance Plenaries will take place in the fall, like they usually do
  • All events will remain virtual, in order to make our programming as accessible as possible
  • This is not a permanent decision—we’re exploring new, more sustainable formats, but are open to all the possibilities of what works best for the NLG

We know that many long-time NLG members may prefer our traditional Convention model, but we ask that you join us this year as we discover what works best for everyone. Based on our success with webinars in the past, we’re confident that this format will enable even more people to engage in our content without facing Zoom fatigue or interrupting their regular schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Research and Education at