Highlights from 2017 #Law4thePeople in Washington, DC

Keynote Address & Message from the President

August 2017

I could not be leaving DC with a fuller heart after one of the most successful and joyful conventions of the National Lawyers Guild ever. This is our 80th anniversary - 80 years of radical lawyering on behalf of the people. 80 years of being the legal arm of every social, economic and political movement this country has ever had since 1937, and standing in solidarity with people\'s democratic movements and liberation struggles worldwide. And that rich institutional history was on display these past five days. As we face this era of Trump, we remembered that there is nothing coming our way that we haven\'t fought or defeated before. And as Assata says, \"it is our duty to fight and it is our duty to win.\"

I am so grateful to all my compañeras and compañeros who shared their brilliance these past few days, who organized the hell out of their communities to come out, who challenged us to move and fight from love and who continue to show up, unflinching in their commitment to each other and our struggle.

To another 80 years! #Law4thePeople

-Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, NLG President

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