[WEBINAR] How the Federalist Society’s Philosophies Took Over the Courts… and How Movement Lawyers Can Fight Back

Wednesday, March 31 at 3pm ET/12pm PT

Register: bit.ly/FedSocWebinar

The Federalist Society, which began as a student counter-establishment organization, has become the establishment. With six Justices on the Supreme Court, hundreds of others on the lower federal courts and state appellate courts, and control of the Justice Department and much of the federal bureaucracy when a Republican is president, their influence on law and public policy is paramount. 

This webinar will ask: How did they get there? What are the details of their agenda? How do they fund it? How are they organized? What can the left learn from them?

Speaker: Michael Avery is a former president of the National Lawyers Guild and one of the founders of the National Police Accountability Project. He is the co-author, with Danielle McLaughlin, of The Federalist Society: How Conservatives Took the Law Back from Liberals

Moderator: Rachel Pickens, Executive Director, National Police Accountability Project

Co-Sponsored by the National Police Accountability Project of the NLG, and the NLG Review.

This event is free and open to the public. Register to attend: bit.ly/FedSocWebinar

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