#WAMI2022 Roundup

NLG Law Students Highlight Connections between Mass Incarceration and the Housing Crisis

For the 2022 Week Against Mass Incarceration (Feb. 28-March 4), NLG Law School Chapters organized around the theme of “Mass Incarceration and the Housing Crisis” to explore the intersections of housing policy, evictions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the criminalization of poverty in the perpetuation of the mass incarceration crisis. NLG students organized both in person and virtual events to highlight the many harms caused by the current mass incarceration system and housing policy, including panels and workshops, letter writing events, social media campaigns, research projects, tabling, and more!

WAMI 2022 was co-sponsored by the NLG Housing and Homelessness Committee, which works to advance the principle that housing is a human right. The committee supports the efforts of communities advocating for and creating access to safe, affordable, and adequate housing for all people. The committee aims to provide legal support to grassroots movements organizing around self-determination, tenants’ rights, foreclosure resistance, squatting/homesteading, homelessness rights, property redistribution, and other housing and land use issues.

Read below for highlights, and thank you to our law students and speakers for your fantastic work this past week!

#WAMI2022 highlights:

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