NLG Calls on President Obama to Protect Consumer Privacy Rights

On the two-year anniversary of the publication of the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (CPBR), the National Lawyers Guild is one of 40 organizations urging Washington to protect privacy rights in the digital age.

Joining the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Center for Digital Democracy, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the NLG urged President Obama to put the CPBR into practice and urge Congress enact it into law. As the letter states:

“The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights is a sensible framework that would help establish fairness and accountability for the collection and use of personal information… But the key to progress is the enactment by Congress of this important privacy framework. Only enforceable privacy protections create meaningful safeguards. As you explained two years ago, ‘Privacy protections are critical to maintaining consumer trust in networked technogies.’ That is even more true today. Concerns about consumer trust in networked technologies are now global concerns, and the failure of the United States to update its privacy laws has implications for Internet users around the world.”

Read the rest of the letter here.

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