Legal Observer Appreciation Week: Sept 10-16


The NLG is most known for our Legal Observers (LOs), the volunteers in lime green hats who monitor and document police conduct and arrests at protests. No matter the weather, time of day, or location, our Legal Observers, the cornerstone of our Mass Defense Program, show up devoting countless hours of their time and regularly putting themselves in high-stress situations to protect dissent.

This is can be a thankless job, so we’re dedicating seven days in September to the first-ever Legal Observer Appreciation Week to say: #ThanksLOs!

From September 10-16, join the NLG National Office in celebrating our Legal Observers and promoting #KnowYourRights and other educational resources on social media with these sample graphics, tweets, articles, and more at

Whether you’ve been helped out by an NLG #LegalObserver or volunteered as an LO yourself, we want to hear from you: Let us know what legal observing means to you at and we may feature your response on social media!

NLG Chapters are encouraged to participate online and host events such as know your rights workshops, LO trainings, social events recognizing outstanding volunteers, and chapter fundraisers.

Support the NLG’s Mass Defense Program at!

UPDATE – 8/24: Here’s a great article that was just published in the Chicago Tribune profiling the NLG’s LO Program! They’re watching, whether the whole world is watching or not. Legal observers in green hats are part of Chicago protests.


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