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Announcing our “hot topic” workshops which will be offered in the Workshops IV slot (Sunday, Nov. 4, 1-2 PM) at the 2018 #Law4thePeople Convention! “Hot topic” workshops are based on events that took place after the spring workshop deadline. Read about them below!

Northwest Unions at the Cutting Edge

In recent months, AFSCME Local 88 (Multnomah County) ratified a union contract which allows members to grieve, and potentially arbitrate, disputes involving workplace microaggressions. This is the second Northwest union which has achieved this outcome–the first was UAW at University of Washington. Get copies of these contract provisions and learn to identify micro aggressions. Be ready to advise unions about these advances in the post-Janus world.

Speakers: Barbara J. Diamond, NLG member, filmmaker, and union lawyer; Marina Moro, organizer; both equity trainers for union clients

Detention Crisis Response: Collaborative Rep. and Community Mobilization

In May 2018, over 120 asylum-seekers were transferred to a rural federal prison in Sheridan, OR and denied legal access while across the state in the Columbia Gorge, the number of immigrants held under an ICE contract in a rural jail skyrocketed. Oregonians responded by leveraging community power, technology, impact litigation, and mass representation to raise the voices of those objecting to the “zero tolerance” policy and family separation, both inside and outside of detention. A coalition of community activists, clergy, political leaders, attorneys and legal workers fought back, and will talk about how they did it and lessons learned.


  • Isela Ramos Gonzalez – attorney, Innovation Law Lab
  • Stephen Manning – attorney, Innovation Law Lab
  • Nadia Dahab – Stoll Berne, pro bono counsel
  • Hannah Harrod – Rural Organizing Project
  • “Clergy Ready” response Member, Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice TBA

See more workshops, major panels, CLEs, and other programming scheduled for the 2018#Law4thePeople Convention at nlg.org/convention!

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