Upcoming NLG Events

April 11th, 2024: Building Multispecies Resistance Against Exploitation

This panel, all contributors to Building Multispecies Resistance Against Exploitation: Stories from the Frontlines of Labor and Animal Rights (Peter Lang, 2024), delves into the intricate web of exploitation prevalent across various sectors of labor, ranging from meatpacking and slaughterhouses to the seemingly altruistic realms of the non-profit industrial complex. By examining these intersections, the panel aims to shed light on the multifaceted dimensions of exploitation affecting nonhuman animals, humans, and the Earth itself.

Drawing on diverse perspectives and expertise, panelists will explore the systemic injustices inherent in contemporary labor practices. From the exploitation of animal bodies in industrial agriculture to the often-overlooked exploitation of marginalized human laborers, this discussion will uncover the interconnectedness of these issues and their profound impacts on individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

Moreover, the panel will not only analyze the existing structures of exploitation but also envision alternative, liberatory futures. By engaging in critical dialogue and imaginative speculation, participants will collectively imagine pathways towards more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable forms of labor and existence.