Albert Woodfox at the NLG #Law4thePeople Convention, Winner of Arthur Kinoy Award

We’re thrilled to announce that former Black Panther and recently released political prisoner Albert Woodfox will be joining us at the 2016 #Law4thePeople Convention as the recipient of the 2016 NLG Arthur Kinoy Award! Albert Woodfox was the last imprisoned member of the “Angola 3,” and was just released in February—having spent more time in solitary confinement than any other person in U.S. history.

The Arthur Kinoy Award was established in 2008 to be given on special occasions to those individuals whose work and passion would have especially appealed to Arthur.

Albert served 43 years and 10 months in a 6×9 foot solitary cell after he was first put in a for a crime he did not commit. After an international outcry, allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, decades of costly litigation and with incredible stalling, Louisiana State officials at last acted in the interest of justice and reached an agreement that brought a long overdue end to this nightmare. Albert has maintained his innocence at every step, and on his 69th birthday, February 19, 2016, he began a new phase of his life as a free man. Albert remains committed himself to continuing the fight for prison and criminal justice reform.

We hope you’ll join us in honoring Albert in person at the Convention! The Arthur Kinoy Award will be presented during the Thursday night Keynote Address by Elle Hearns, along with the Carol Weiss King Award presentation to Javier Maldonado. Please consider supporting all the honorees (and the Guild!) with a message in the 2016 NLG Dinner Journal.

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