[WEBINAR] Decriminalizing Sex Work: What, Why, and How to Get Involved

Tuesday, June 25 – 3 PM (ET) / Noon (PT)

Register: bit.ly/DecrimSexWorkWebinar

At last year’s #Law4thePeople Convention, NLG members voted to pass a resolution condemning the anti-sex worker legislation SESTA/FOSTA. During the process, we learned that many NLG members had questions about sex worker rights and impending legislation. Now that New York and Washington, DC have introduced legislation to decriminalize sex work, it’s crucial that NLG members across the country have a basic understanding of the issue and learn how to get involved. This webinar will include a primer on the sex trade, explanation of the current and proposed policies that impact sex workers, and the NLG’s current and potential positions on these policies.

This webinar is brought to you by the Sex Worker Rights Working Group of the NLG Queer Caucus, which is led by NLG members who are current and former sex workers. While it’s targeted towards NLG members, this webinar is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn more about sex worker rights!


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