The NLG Needs YOUR Help in Ferguson!

The people of Ferguson, MO and all of us interested in social justice are anxiously anticipating a grand jury decfergoctober-mike-brown-effigy-curtis-mcguireision on whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown.
NLG members in the St. Louis area have galvanized around the Ferguson uprisings. In addition to training and deploying nearly 100 Legal Observers to monitor police misconduct during demonstrations, the NLG has conducted numerous Know Your Rights trainings and, perhaps most importantly, the Guild has begun to build and work with coalitions of lawyers, legal workers, law students, and movement organizations to ensure that all protesters facing criminal charges who need representation have been matched up with lawyers.
NLG members have also been crucial in building a local legal collective that will serve as a movement resource for dissenters in Ferguson and elsewhere, now and into the future.
We have great NLG people on the ground in Missouri, but we need more! We need your help, especially if you have experience with the following:
  •    Training Legal Observers
  •    Conducting Know Your Rights trainings
  •    Coordinating legal/political coalition  groups
  •    Managing evidence/chain of custody
  •    Legal Observer dispatch
The NLG has helped form the Ferguson Legal Defense Committee (FLDC) which has issued an emergency call to action for all lawyers, legal workers, and law students of conscience in anticipation of major protests.
If you can make yourself available to come to the St. Louis area any time in the next month or within 48 hours of the grand jury’s decision, please fill out the form below:
If you would like to volunteer with the NLG and the FLDC, please SIGN UP. We also have a local contact who can be reached at
Even if you’re unavailable to volunteer, you can still help out by choosing to DONATE to the NLG efforts in Ferguson and elsewhere. Every gift, big or small, makes a difference.

Photo: NLG Legal Observers at a demonstration during #FergusonOctober (Credit: Curtis McGuire).


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