Register for the 2021 #Law4ThePeople Convention!

Thank you for your interest in our 2021 Convention! We’ve been working hard to create a fun and educational experience for all of our attendees. You can find the relevant registration forms here:

As an organization committed to anti-oppression work, we will always ensure that nobody gets turned away due to lack of funds. We offer sliding-scale registration rates, and fee waivers are available upon request, no questions asked. That said⁠—please pay the registration rate that best suits your financial situation. Registrants who pay higher rates help us maintain our fee waiver policy and cover costs of the Convention, staffing, and our work at the NLG at large.

Accommodations are available upon request, and can be requested on the registration form or via email. Though we know it isn’t ideal, collecting and fulfilling requests allows us to make the best use of our limited resources while meeting the needs of our members, staff, and other attendees. We are open to accessibility feedback if you or your organization have alternate methods of meeting access needs under capitalism, as we’d like to decrease the burden on disabled participants to self-advocate in the future.