Solidarity action at Beaumont Federal Correctional Complex that was organized to coincide with PLAN’s service of notice on the Federal Bureau of Prisons, challenging conditions inside following Hurricane Harvey

Prisoners Legal Advocacy Network

The Prisoners Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) is a nationwide legal services and action program administered by the Delaware-New Jersey chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. PLAN’s mission is to challenge reportedly unconstitutional conditions of confinement in order to 1) restore the rights of incarcerated people to live with dignity and without fear and 2) disrupt the arguably unlawful systems of control that are sometimes used by prison systems to subjugate and demoralize people inside. PLAN achieves favorable outcomes for incarcerated individuals using a unique legal advocacy model that was developed by jailhouse lawyers, attorneys, legal workers and law clerks to address unmet legal needs identified by the people inside who experience them firsthand.

ProActive Coalition

The mission of the ProActive Coalition is to 1) convene diverse stakeholders in ongoing dialogue to forge and implement innovative legal strategies that prevent the erosion of civil liberties and overcome emergent legal challenges and 2) coordinate and administer pro bono legal services in support of community organizers and activists throughout Delaware and New Jersey. A collective of law school clinics and other academic programs, private sector pro bono programs, legal and non-profit organizations, legal professionals in private practice and community organizers, the Coalition identifies emergent trends in community legal services needs and provides pro bono support to six of the Delaware-New Jersey National Lawyers Guild’s Practice Groups: the Legal Observing Practice, the Community Organizers and Activists Support Hotline Practice; the On-Call Attorneys Practice; the Legal Research, Writing and Publications Practice; the Investigations Practice; and the Mass Defense Litigation Practice.