Prisoner’s Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) Not a Project of NLG

National Lawyers Guild (NLG) announces that the Prisoner’s Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) is not a project of NLG and is not authorized to use NLG’s name in any of its activities. 

Via a letter sent to a PLAN representative on January 6, 2022, NLG raised certain concerns about PLAN activities and asked PLAN to cooperate with a process to address these issues. PLAN has now missed an extended deadline for its cooperation.

While NLG aspires to resolve all internal conflict via means of transformative justice and collaboration, these approaches require the cooperation of those involved. NLG must prioritize the needs and interests of incarcerated people and those most affected by the issues we target with our work.

For questions, please contact Katie Adamides, NLG Interim Executive Director, at

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