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Please Note: Individuals who live in or around our staffed chapters in New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay AreaMichigan or Massachusetts pay dues directly to their chapters.

Membership in the National Lawyers Guild is open to attorneys, law students, and legal workers. Legal workers are defined as anyone who has worked in any office, collective or other institution which has as its primary function the provision of administration of legal services, information or education.

Each membership payment entitles members to a year's subscription to the NLG Review and Guild Notes, as well as the right to vote in any NLG national election during that year. Additionally, members receive a one-year listing in the NLG's online Referral Directory.

Sliding Scale Policy: the NLG relies almost entirely on membership dues to sustain our operations. Neverthelss, or membership rates are suggested, sliding scale amounts. as we strive to make participation in the Guild as accessible as possible to all legal practictioners who share our mission, regardless of income. If you'd like to ask about our sliding scale policy, please email

SUGGESTED DUES SCHEDULE (Category/Income along with Dues Amount)

Law Student: $20-50
New Attorney/New Legal Worker: $60
Income under $20,000: $75
Income $20-25,000: $85-100
Income $25-30,000: $100-165
Income $30-40,000: $165-220
Income $40-50,000: $220-275
Income $50-65,000: $275-325
Income $65-75,000: $325-375
Income $75-100,000: $375-500
Income $100-200,000: $500-600
Income $200,000+: $600+

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