#JusticeforRicky: Support Utica, NY Father Facing Deportation

Last summer, the NLG National Office was lucky to have friend of the Guild, student, and activist Marquis Palmer join us as an intern. We were saddened to hear that his step father Ricky Morgan is now being deported to Jamaica, after being detained by ICE during a routine check-in. He leaves behind a wife, three children, and five step children.

Please support Marquis, Ricky, and their family by donating to their fundraiser! bit.ly/JusticeforRicky.

Here’s what Marquis told the Utica Sojourner Post: “The state locked away my dad when I was 7. It hurt deeply. I feel like a lot had been snatched from me, because it had. But one thing that had not been taken from me, one thing that I could still hold onto, was a father figure: I had my step dad, Ricky. He helped my mom raise me and 6 other siblings. Together, they kept us healthy and whole. But then the state had taken him too, imprisoning him in an ICE detention center in 2012. We did not know what would happen. Uncertainty and fear loomed over us like a grey cloud which we had to learn to live under. But eventually Ricky was released. He came home and everything felt more complete. Uncertainty still hung in the sky above us, but he was home and that was enough to keep us going. It kept the grey cloud at a distance so the sun could peak through. But alas, our heads hang low and the grey cloud even lower. ICE has detained Ricky again, promising to deport him and keep our family apart. It hurts. It’s a struggle. But we’re going to stay strong and do what we can to bring Ricky back home.”

A description of Ricky’s case from the GoFundMe page is below:

Utica, NY resident Ricky Morgan was detained by ICE on June, 5 during a routine monthly check-in and is in the process of being deported to Jamaica. He currently sits in Albany County Jail and will then be transported to the ICE Detention Center in Batavia until his deportation. 

Ricky is the father of three children, and five step-children. His wife Melissa and all of their children are US citizens. He is the primary caregiver for his youngest six year-old-son and is a main pillar of support for another son who has down syndrome and is a leukemia survivor. Ricky was working in Utica, is a great cook, and an avid soccer player and coach. He will be deeply missed by countless people who know him. 

When Ricky is deported, he will leave behind his children, wife, and countless friends and relatives. His future in Jamaica and his ability to return and be reunited with his family is uncertain at the moment. We are hoping for the best and activists from countless groups in Albany, Utica and beyond are assisting Ricky and his family in their fight for justice. 

The money you donate will help support Ricky and his family as they all struggle with this major tranisiton in their lives. Melissa will need the funds, especially after the loss of income the family receivs from Ricky, to support their children. The family will also need funds for legal fees, transportation and childcare.  

Any amount will go a long way. In addition to donating money, and if you are not yet involved, you can help Ricky and other families in need by joining the movement for immigrant justice and working with us as we demand an end to deportations and the splitting up of families. Ricky and his family are grateful for your support. You can stay updated about Ricky’s case by checking out the Utica IWW facebook page. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Photo: Ricky Best (left)and Marquis Palmer (right).

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