Exciting News About #Law4thePeople 2018!

The 2018 #Law4thePeople Convention is upon us! As we gear up for this fall, we’re thrilled to announce two very exciting pieces of news…

The National Immigration Project of the NLG will receive the Law for the People Award and Kshama Sawant will be the Keynote Speaker!

For 47 years, NIPNLG has worked to combat the hyper-enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and partner with organized communities in struggle against mass deportation and detention policies of the United States. We continue to use our legal expertise in deportation defense and federal litigation on behalf of communities facing Trump’s normalization of hate. Through expert litigation, strategic advocacy, nationwide teaching and training, membership mobilization, technical assistance, community resources, and other cutting-edge legal tactics, NIPNLG provides a solid, progressive, legal foundation for the movement for immigrant rights.

Kshama Sawant is not a career politician. An activist with Socialist Alternative, she brings a passion for social justice to her work as elected representative of Seattle’s working people. An outspoken socialist who has won election and reelection to the City Council, Kshama has taken no corporate campaign money, and has helped win working class victories like the $15/hour minimum wage, renters’ rights, and a tax on big business to fund affordable housing.

Stay tuned for more news at nlg.org/convention!

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