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Washington Court Hotel

Book your room  at the Washington Court Hotel today!

Although the deadline to book at the group rate has passed, rooms are still available.

Hotel Parking:

Day parking: $43

Overnight parking: $54
Public Parking at Colonial Parking:
$22 per day
Located at 36 E St NW, around the block from the hotel.
You may reserve a space online to guarantee a spot. You may also pay to park upon arrival, given availability.

NLG Housing Committe: Don't Use Airbnb

For many reasons, including Airbnb's exacerbation of the housing crisis in cities like Washington, DC, the NLG Housing Committee strongly urges attendees not to use Airbnb. against this. See their 2017 Housing Guide and their statement below:
A message from the Housing Committee of the NLG:

At the 2016 Law for the People Convention, the National Lawyers Guild membership voted to boycott Air BnB and other short-term rental platforms and discourage their use for the purposes of conferences and event lodging.  Washington DC, like many of our cities, is experiencing an affordable housing crisis.  DC is a majority-renter city, but a renter in DC would have to work almost three minimum wage jobs to afford market rent in 2017.  A quarter of renters in DC are severely cost burdened, meaning they spend more than half of their income on rent.  Air BnB has proliferated in recent years, contributing to the affordable housing crisis by taking entire homes off the rental market, and incentivising speculation by investors that leads to higher property taxes and rents.  Check out this detailed March 2017 report by DC Working Families about how “Airbnb and similar online short-term rental platforms are facilitating the widespread conversion of housing units into illegal hotel rooms, in a bid to profit from the District’s already-scarce housing stock.”  DC-based advocates organizers are currently working on a campaign to curb the impact of short term rentals, particularly by preventing hosts from taking full units of housing off the market.  An estimated 2,000 whole units have already been pulled off the market.  

In addition, Air BnB, recently began listing rentals in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and thus both the websites and their users glean profit from stolen land. These settlements are in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits an occupying power from moving its civilian population onto the land it is occupying.

The Housing Committee of the NLG requests that you stand in solidarity with our local and international struggles against displacement, by choosing a non-Air BnB (or similar online short-term rental platform) lodging option.  Feel free to contact the Housing Committee if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you at the convention!