Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 4 (Winter 2015)

NLG Ohio and Partners Get Cases against Protesters Dropped NLG-NYC Chapter Leads Delegation to Cuba Liz Fink, Rest in Power NLG Asks Obama to “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” on Cuba Many Hands Make Positive Change at Wayne State Guild Member Wins Peabody Award for Albie Sachs Documentary Food Justice and Intersectionality Black […]

NLG Review: Vol. 72, No. 3 (Fall 2015)

Deadly Force” Revisited: Transparency and Accountability for D.C. Police Use of Force by Karen Hopkins Could or Must? Apprendi’s Application to Indeterminate Sentencing Systems After Alleyne by David Loudon Book Review: Guantanamo Diary by Leila Sayed-Taha & Azadeh Shahshahani Download PDF Image

NLG Ohio and Partners Get Cases against Protesters Dropped

By NLG Ohio Chapter On May 23rd, 71 protesters, plus two Legal Observers, were arrested during demonstrations following the acquittal of Michael Brelo, a Cleveland police officer charged in connection with the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in November 2012. Protesters were pushed into and trapped in a small alley, given no opportunity to leave, and then arrested for failure […]

The Concrete Empire

By Carl H. Harrison | Susanville, CA In the 1980s, California began a prison- and jail-building boom. Concrete jails and prisons popped up all over the state, while laws were quickly changed to make it easier to lock people up. These facilities quickly filled up and people had to join gangs within the facilities in order […]

Mass Incarceration: Transforming an Unconstitutional System

By Bro. Brad Broussard, Beeville, TX Under the Thirteenth Amendment, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction” (emphasis added). The word ‘except’ here indicates that slavery and involuntary servitude were […]

NLG-SF Bay Area’s Police & Prisons Committee Launches Prisoner Advocacy Network

By Caitlin Henry, NLG San Francisco Bay Area Chapter We are excited to launch the Prisoner Advocacy Network and share “Support From Outside The Walls” training materials! Prisoner Advocacy Network (PAN) On November 21, the NLG-SF Bay Area Chapter’s Police & Prisons Committee launched it’s Prisoner Advocacy Network (PAN). We will train California based volunteers […]

Breach of Privilege: Spying on Lawyers in the United States

Breach of Privilege: Spying on Lawyers in the United States (2014) brings to light the government’s long history of covert surveillance of attorneys and their activist clients. In Breach of Privilege: Spying on Lawyers in the United States, NLG Senior Researcher Traci Yoder gives a comprehensive analysis of covert government spying on the legal profession […]

High Crimes: Strategies to Further Marijuana Legalization Initiatives

High Crimes: Strategies to Further Marijuana Legalization Initiatives (2013) In November 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states—and the first jurisdictions in the world—to legalize the possession, use, and regulated distribution of marijuana. Although Attorney General Eric Holder promised in March 2013 to announce a Department of Justice policy to address the state initiatives, […]

Delegation in Venezuela

Delegation in Venezuela: Report of the NLG Delegation on the April 14, 2013 Presidential Election and Expanded May-June Audit in Venezuela. On April 14, 2013, over 79 percent of the electorate participated in the special elections to determine the next president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Nícolás Maduro Moros won the election with 50.61% of the […]

An Analysis of the 2012 RNC and DNC

An Analysis of the 2012 RNC and DNC: Drawing from firsthand observations of NLG members who were in Tampa and Charlotte, as well as interviews with activists and media accounts, this report presents an overview of the 2012 RNC and DNC demonstrations and makes recommendations for treatment of protesters at future events. In particular, we discuss […]