May Day 2020 and the State of Protests During the Pandemic

By Tyler Crawford, Director of Mass Defense On the first May Day 130 years ago, the world’s largest cities brimmed with cries for an eight hour work day. The first May Day, dedicated to the 1887 Chicago Haymarket Affair, took place on its anniversary on May 1st, 1890. Since then, May Day, also known as […]

NLG LEC: May Day Demands During COVID-19 & Beyond

The following statement was prepared by the NLG Labor and Employment Committee: The NLG expresses solidarity with workers and communities across the globe who are mobilizing on May Day 2020.  Around the globe, International Workers Day is a day of celebration of the working class movement and its achievements. It is also a day to […]

NLG to Harvard Law: Drop Investigation Against Student Activists

To: Harvard Law Administrative Board The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) calls on Harvard Law administrators to drop the ongoing investigation against Harvard Law students Amanda Chan (JD ‘20), Anna Nathanson (JD ‘20), and Felipe Hernández (JD ‘20) regarding allegations that they violated the Law School’s Protest and Dissent Guidelines and Community Principles for participating in […]

Member News Digest: Updated COVID-19 KYR, Act to Protect Incarcerated People, Upcoming Webinars, & More

UPDATED: Know Your Rights During COVID-19 Check out the latest updates to our “Know Your Rights During COVID-19” doc, including new info on mutual aid, stay at home and shelter in place orders, and more to help you resist criminalization and militarization during the pandemic: “We believe we can ensure community and societal safety […]

Submit an NLG Amicus Proposal

The NLG Amicus Committee is accepting proposals for briefs to be submitted on behalf of the Guild! This form is for NLG members, chapters, committees, and projects to propose cases well-suited for Guild involvement, and to help us identify who in our membership might assist in drafting and reviewing briefs: Amicus Proposal Form for NLG […]

Legal Community Open Letter Urges End to U.S. Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela

April 3, 2020 – Over 200 lawyers and legal organizations called on the United States to drop its sanctions against Venezuela and Iran as the countries race to fight COVID-19 in an open letter released Friday. The global pandemic has drawn attention to the devastating effects of U.S. sanctions on these countries, as well as the ongoing […]

Statement from the NLG Housing and Homelessness Committee on COVID-19

Dear National Lawyers Guild Members, We are living through an extraordinary moment, one of sadness, disorientation, and dread. Yet much of this emergency is man-made. Our system was already in crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has thrown into relief its immense inequality and the injustice of profiting off of basic human needs like healthcare […]

2020 NLG Leonard I. Weinglass Memorial Fellowship

NLG Leonard I. Weinglass Memorial Fellowship 2020 Announcement and Application Instructions Leonard I. Weinglass (1933-2011) was a criminal defense attorney and constitutional law advocate. Over the course of his career, he represented political activists, government opponents, and criminal defendants—including Angela Davis, the Cuban Five, the Chicago Seven, the Pentagon Papers, and the death row appeals of Mumia […]