NLG’s Solidarity Work for Democracy in Honduras

Emily Yozell, International Committee Task Force on the Americas Inter-American Human Rights Court issues decision against Honduras, orders restitution and reparations for judges summarily dismissed for opposing 2009 military coup. NLG amicus brief accepted and cited in October decision. During early morning hours of Sunday June 28 in 2009, the Armed Forces kidnapped and expatriated […]

On Ferguson and “Oath Keepers”

By Kris Hermes, Mass Defense Coordinator It is deeply troubling to learn about the deployment in Ferguson and surrounding areas of so-called “Oath Keepers,” predominantly white men armed with automatic assault weapons and positioned near protest activity mainly led by Black youth. Without even considering their reasons for being in Ferguson—on multiple occasions since Michael […]

The World Has Not Forgotten Us

By Camilo Romero, NLG National Vice President NLG Delegation to Colombia, 2014 ”The world has not forgotten us, because it has never really known us.  We hope the NLG will help introduce our crisis here in Choco – the frontier of Colombia – to the world.” For the first time ever, the National Lawyers Guild organized […]

Suffolk University: Partner in Armenian Genocide Denial?

By Heidi Boghosian, NLG Executive Director  Students at Suffolk University Law School have launched an online petition urging the school’s president to withdraw its invitation to Armenian genocide denier Abraham Foxman to speak at their commencement and receive an honorary degree. Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League director, drew harsh public criticism in 2007 for opposing a congressional […]

Hugo Chávez: Gone for a Year, But Still Looming Large

A year after the death of Hugo Chávez is a propitious time to examine his legacy. Such an examination is even more important in light of the current wave of demonstrations in Venezuela, which have given new life to the transparent attempts of the opposition and the United States to depose the Bolivarian government. These […]

Losing Chokwe Lumumba

By David Gespass, Past NLG President We are deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely death of Chokwe Lumumba, who lived a genuinely revolutionary life providing guidance to, and taking direction from, the poor, oppressed and disenfranchised. Chokwe proved that one does not have to abandon principles to be successful in politics, that it is possible […]

Remembering Pete Seeger

For those of you who haven’t heard Pete Seeger died yesterday at the age of 94.  He was not only a renowned balladeer, but a working person’s hero and a legend to any of us who grew up in the cultural revolutions of the 1950s through the 1970s on everything from poverty and labor rights to […]

50 Years Gone: Reflections on the JFK Assassination

By David Gespass, Past NLG President Fifty years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. For those of us who were alive and sentient back then, it was a signal event. JFK was the first of a new generation of leadership for the country, and held the promise, as it were, for […]