Black History & Black Futures: Resources for Black Legal Professionals and Organizers, Resources for Substantive Solidarity

As Black History Month comes to a close, we’re honoring the tremendous impact of Black legal workers, lawyers, law students, and community organizers who created and advanced the work of the NLG and other movement spaces. Our movements, the NLG included, would not exist without the work of Black radical organizers and legal professionals.

As we celebrate the many contributions Black leaders have made to the movement, we also acknowledge the barriers Black legal professionals face, even in progressive spaces. Radically honoring Black history means creating more just, more compassionate environments for Black revolutionaries to thrive in. To that end, we’ve compiled a living resource document as a small gesture toward improving the day-to-day conditions of current and future Black legal workers, lawyers, law students, and organizers.

This is an ongoing document; if you have more resources or recommendations, please email and we’ll update the page accordingly

Resources for Black law students, legal workers, lawyers, and organizers:

Resources for organizations strengthening racial justice work:

Solidarity for non-Black allies:

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