2020 Resolutions and Amendments

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Each year, NLG members propose resolutions and amendments for review and vote of the full membership. In 2020, we have two proposed resolutions as well as a full update of our Constitution and Bylaws to bring them into compliance with recent amendments as well as to create internal coherence in our governing documents.

These proposed resolutions and amendments will be discussed at the convention plenary scheduled for Friday, September 25th at 12-2pm ET/9-11am PT.

Please send any friendly amendments to resolutions@nlg.org before the plenary, and submit all pro or con statements to resolutions@nlg.org by Friday October 11, 2020.

2020 Proposed Resolutions

Resolution Supporting the Abolition of Policing submitted by NLG Anti-Racism Committee

Resolution on Non-Collaboration with Grand Juries submitted by the NLG San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter

2020 Proposed Amendments

Student National Vice-President Proposed Constitutional Amendments submitted by SNVPs

Rationale and Explanation for Proposed Amendments to the NLG Constitution and Bylaws submitted by NLG Secretary Daniel Gregor

Amendments: NLG Constitution submitted by NLG Secretary Daniel Gregor

Amendments: NLG Bylaws submitted by NLG Secretary Daniel Gregor

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