18th IADL Congress in Brussels, April 15-19

The National Lawyelogo_iadl_eng_def2-copyrs Guild is a proud member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), an international organization of jurists’ associations that have made the violation of human rights and threats to international peace and security legal issues under international law, since 1946. The President of IADL is longtime Guild member and NLG International Committee (IC) Co-Chair, Jeanne Mirer (see below).

The Congress – open to IADL members and non-members – gathers lawyers with representatives from the social movements which they support to discuss their work within a legal and juridical context at the global level. NLG members are strongly encouraged to attend and should email Rose Regina Lawrence by March 1 (roseregina.lawrence@gmail.com), as she is coordinating an NLG group discount with the NLG IC. 

Visit the IADL home page.
Read more about the work of IADL here.

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