The United People of Color Caucus (TUPOCC)

TUPOCC is an alliance of law students, legal workers, attorneys, and other people of color within the NLG. The necessity of such an organization is borne from the history of the United States where economic power is dependent on the continued subjugation of people of color, poor people women, queers, and other oppressed people.

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TUPOCC wishes to provide all people of color with opportunities and, when such opportunities are not available, to work with allies to create them. The caucus seeks to unite people of color in the NLG, to represent communities of color, to help people of color achieve their potential, and to function as a powerful force within the NLG, the United States, and the world. Membership is open to all members of the NLG community who self-identify as people of color.

More about TUPOCC:

  • Alabama Manifesto: TUPOCC’s founding document from the 2005 Law for the People Convention.
  • Learn more about TUPOCC’s history in this 10th anniversary spread from the 2015 Law for the People Convention
  • Connect with TUPOCC on Facebook and follow TUPOCC on Twitter @TUPOCC!
  • Meet some members of TUPOCC’s board, and download the TUPOCC Pamphlet
  • Current members: click here to participate in the TUPOCC Membership Survey.