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Motion to Resist! is a new podcast by the NLG featuring progressive legal analysis by lawyers, legal workers, and students on the frontlines of the modern social justice movements. Through original interviews, archival audio, and timely commentary on a diverse range of topics, Motion to Resist! seeks to demystify the legal system for activists, legal professionals, and the public alike. Read this press release to learn more about Motion to Resist!

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Episode 2: The Untouchables—Discussing the Panama Papers

On this episode, we take a look at the Panama Papers, the largest leak of documents in human history. The leak has brought to light what was always an open secret: law firms like Mossack Fonseca and a cadre of corrupt or free market-zealous governments and judges have allowed the powerful and wealthy to shelter seemingly endless numbers of assets from the prying eyes of the DOJ, IRS, and other buzzkills to their insatiable greed. We speak with past NLG President David Gespass, a civil rights attorney in Birmingham, AL about what the Panama Papers reveal about the similarities between corporations and criminal enterprises.

Episode 1: Don’t Wait for Another ’68—RNC/DNC 2016

The first episode is below entitled “Don’t Wait for Another ’68,” explores this month’s upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions (RNC and DNC, respectively), where mass demonstrations—and mass arrests—are expected to take place in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively. Listen now!

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