NLG Statement in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders

On Wednesday, January 18, Georgia State Patrol murdered Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, who was camping in a public park to defend the Weelaunee Forest and stop the construction of Cop City. Over the weekend, six protesters were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. In solidarity with the protesters, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) calls for an […]

NLG Condemns Police Murder Protester Tortuguita and Ongoing State Violence Against Forest Defenders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJanuary 20, 2023Contact: Director of 679-5100, ext. 5 Atlanta, GA — During a militarized attack against protesters and Forest Defenders on January 18, Atlanta police shot and killed a protester named Tortuguita, who was camping in a public park to defend the Weelaunee Forest. This murder by the police is part of […]

In solidarity with the movement to Stop Cop City and Defend Weelaunee Forest

National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is proud to endorse the following statement from local organizers in Atlanta. Read the original statement on their website by clicking this hyperlink. If you’d like to request Legal Observers® (LOs) for an action or learn about other forms of social movement mass defense support, reach out to your nearest NLG […]

National Lawyers Guild Statement Condemning the Attempted Coup in Brazil

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) condemns the attempted coup d’état in Brazil on Sunday, January 8. Supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro, including election deniers and pro-fascist coup mongers, invaded the Brazilian Congress, Supreme Court and Presidential building causing significant damage to the buildings and their contents including national artistic treasures. The coupists actions were […]

NLG Iran Subcommittee Statement on Iranian Liberation

Issued by the NLG International Committee, Iran SubcommitteeOpen this statement in Farsi (PDF) We are lawyers and legal workers committed to collectively abolishing oppression and helping build the liberation of all people. We support the will of Iranians and their movement for liberation. We stand with them as they demand, design, and implement their future […]

NLG Pace Law Environmental Justice Panel Information

Please see below for Zoom information and event description: Zoom Meeting info: Meeting ID: 960 1263 1330 Password: 422923 Panelists: Joel Kupferman: NLG-NYC Environmental Justice Committee Co-chair Dr. Nicky Sheats: Director of the Center for the Urban Environment at the John S. Watson Institute for Urban Policy and Research at Kean University Chief Vincent […]

2022 Resolutions, Amendments, and Elections

About the NLG Governance Process As a democratic organization, the work and focus of the NLG is decided by our members. Each year, we hold plenaries in which members discuss programmatic priorities, often in the form of resolutions. We also update our governing documents, our Bylaws and Constitution, and elect new officers to serve on […]

Black August

Black August is about Black power and liberation, honoring the rich history of community organizing, activism, advocacy, and care that sustain the fight for freedom. Black August is a time to uplift the struggle for an end to the prison industrial complex (PIC), a horrific and inhumane system that the state uses to enact violence […]

Press Release: NLG Urges U.S. to Condemn Israel’s Raids on Palestinian Human Rights Organizations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 22, 2022 Contact: Director of 679-5100, ext. 5 NEW YORK CITY, NY — On August 18, Israeli troops raided the offices of six human rights organizations, confiscated their materials, and shut down the entrances. All the organizations’ offices are located in Area A of the occupied West Bank, which is legally […]

NLG Statement on Movement Legal Work, Collective Defense, and the Role of Law

Endorsed by the NLG National Executive Council and the NLG Mass Defense Committee The National Lawyers Guild has put into practice the principles of movement legal work since the organization was founded in 1937. More than 80 years later, NLG membership passed a resolution on Movement Lawyering and Collective Defense in 2021 to formally adopt […]