#Law4thePeople 2020 Programming

The following programming (CLEs, major panels, and workshops) are included with registration to the 2020 #Law4thePeople Convention! See the full Schedule of Events at nlg2020.sched.com.

To register, or for more information about the Convention, visit nlg.org/convention.

Half-Day CLEs*

*All NLG CLEs will have CLE credit pending through the state of California. Attendees are welcome to seek reciprocity from their bar associations in their respective states.

NOTE: The National Immigration Project of the NLG [NIPNLG] and the National Police Accountability Project of [NPAP] of the NLG will each present an additional full-day CLEs during the convention which are not included in general #Law4thePeople registration. Register for the NIPNLG CLE, “Outside the Box: Strategies to Fight for your Clients,” here. Registration for “Suing Cops in Pursuit of Accountability and Liberation: Cutting-Edge Tools, Strategies, and Discussions for Police Misconduct Litigators During an Uprising” will be made available through the NPAP website soon.

Major Panels (90 min)

  • Crisis and Failed States: How the Pandemic Deepened the Police State
  • Abolition is Not Conditional: Connecting Across Issue Areas
  • Global Capital & the Disposability of Workers & the Poor in the COVID Era
  • Disability Justice 101: Abolition Only When Addressing the Interconnectedness of Oppression

Workshops (60 min)

  • Subpoena Defense for Mass Defense: Protecting our Communities
  • Racism and Anti-Blackness: Cuba, Revolution and Black Liberation
  • Housing as a Human Right in the Era of COVID-19
  • Branding Protest as “Terrorist” and How We Resist
  • Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry: Holding Corporations, Lawmakers, and the Media Accountable
  • Organizing and Advocacy in Rural Communities