President’s Column

As I sit here writing my last National Lawyers Guild president’s column, I am realizing just how little opportunity there has been to stop and think. It is just now in going over reports and articles we’ve written, coalitions we’ve been part of, and movements we’ve supported, that I am understanding how much the NLG […]

In Memoriam: Thane Tienson, NLG-PDX and NLG International Member

The following is reprinted with permission from The Astorian. It was written by Edward Stratton and first published on Feb 3, 2021.  Thane Tienson, a prominent environmental, fisheries and human rights attorney from Astoria, died from a heart attack on Jan. 28. He was 74. Tienson is survived by his brother, John; son, Erik; daughter, […]

In Memoriam: Claude Cazzulino, Longtime NLG-Los Angeles Member

Claude Cazzulino, a resident of Pasadena for more than 33 years, passed away on February 26, 2021 during his daily neighborhood walk with the family’s standard poodles, Spoon and Vito. He was 66 years old.  Claude was born in Queens, New York, the oldest son of Joseph and Clara Cazzulino, and grew up in Lloyd […]

In Memoriam: Martin “Marty” Kantrovitz, NLG-Massachusetts

Martin “Marty” Kantrovitz, age 79, passed away September 27, 2020 in Naples, Florida. He was born January 28, 1941, the second child of Gabriel and Vera Kantrovitz. Marty grew up in a Jewish section of Mattapan and went on to attend Roxbury Memorial, Northeastern University and later Boston University, where he studied law. He went […]

NLG-Seattle Establishes Living Systems Committee

by Members of the NLG-Seattle Living Systems Committee We know that the current legal system is riddled with structural issues. The question is: Where do we go from here? Are there ways to use legal tools to support cooperation, co-creation and relationship instead of capitalism, oppression and wealth consolidation?  As of January 2021, NLG-Seattle has […]

Let’s Get Stimulated: Reflections on Scholl et al. v. Mnuchin et al.

by Ursula Curiosa, F.K.A. Lindsey Krantz As I write this note to you all, my beloved Guildies, dozens of envelopes of flaming hot printed material make their ways through Evansville, IN, after being edited, printed, signed, sealed, stamped, then oh-so-hopefully dropped into the mail for delivery at the Vanderburgh County Jail: a concrete camp where […]