Beyond Bars: Prosecutors Must Be Held Accountable for Their Misconduct

Jay Van Story Huntsville, TX Prosecutors who orchestrate the false conviction of the innocent are committing crimes every bit as bad as any they prosecute. They’re not using turns to accomplish their offenses, but something far more dangerous—their immense, unchecked power. Imagine a world without the terrible injustice of innocent men and women being falsely […]

Beyond Bars: See the Light

Jason Geray Tehachapi, CA Tell me what poet has made it this far, What poet was made from the dust of a star, What poet holds your attention line by line, What poet was born to shine… For the year 2020, who pictured this, Caged in a cell raising a fist, Power to the people […]

Beyond Bars: Fighting a Foreign War

Jose E. Roque Livingston, TX As I sit in my cell so very dark and dreary, Anxious to plead my case to any ear that will hear me A victim of a federal system I once risked my life to defend, Stuck in this prison industrial complex as a fly trapped in a spider’s web […]

Beyond Bars: My Revolutionary Resurrection

Xinachtli AKA Alvaro Luna Hernandez Iowa Park, TX You have falsified, destroyed our history, after you stole our lands, converting us into foreigners, illegal aliens in our own homeland. But you will never erase our identity, culture, tongue, our Indigenous roots, you so fear and despise. We are a proud, noble, humble, compassionate people, but […]

Are Prison Law Libraries Set Up to Fail?

by Jeffrey Isabell-Taylor New Haven, MI Prison law libraries are the last line of defense for those appealing convictions. Usually incarcerated individuals rely on these libraries as the only way to seek justice and gain their freedom. However, here in Michigan, we are given restrictions and limitations that effectively turn our law libraries into a […]

These Stars Have Bars (Poem)

by Dustin Tate Hardwick, GA What does it say of us as a people, that we’re so eager to throw someone away? How shall we be called ‘Home of the Free’ when so very many do not live that way? Whether locked in cells—violent Hell or restricted, bonds of paper and phone And add economic […]

At What Cost Do I Become (Poem)

by Richard Moise Cumberland, MD Martin Luther King had a dream because he was free. I have nightmares because I am in prison. There is a guy down the hall. He is always screaming I know he will never be free because he never stops screaming. I wish desperately he would stop screaming. In here […]

Don’t Be Fooled by Court Clerks

by Douglas Ankeny Independence, VA I recently had the privilege of assisting a prisoner with a tort claim against the Commonwealth of Virginia. After ensuring the prisoner exhausted the offender grievance procedure, I helped him complete his notice of claim alleging a lieutenant deliberately destroyed his property. The Commonwealth at first denied liability, but then […]