Beyond Bars: Fighting a Foreign War

Jose E. Roque

Livingston, TX

As I sit in my cell so very dark and dreary,

Anxious to plead my case to any ear that will hear me

A victim of a federal system I once risked my life to defend,

Stuck in this prison industrial complex as a fly trapped in a spider’s web

Calmly waiting for the federal courts to pull my file and call my case,

The days slowly float away from the calendar on my wall without a trace.

Realizing that I’m still here in this federal holding facility as I awaken from my mid-day nap,

It’s hard for me to understand that the one here before me could save himself by putting his guilt on me saying I am to blame for this, this, and that.

I guess it’s a game of “if you debrief on him we will let you go.”

As for me, my character and honor will never stoop that low.

So until my release date is upon me and I’m free to walk out of this federal prison’s front door,

I am still a soldier fighting a totally different type of foreign war.