Beyond Bars: See the Light

Jason Geray

Tehachapi, CA

Tell me what poet has made it this far,

What poet was made from the dust of a star,

What poet holds your attention line by line,

What poet was born to shine…

For the year 2020, who pictured this,

Caged in a cell raising a fist,

Power to the people see my temper erupt,

The whole political system is absolutely corrupt…

Corruption with the prison unions,

With million dollar deals,

And prisoners struggling with hunger,

From 25 cent meals…

We could feed all of the poor,

If justice was just

But the prison unions say “Hell no!”

Or our cattle ranch prisons would go bust…

So star light, star bright,

A present for the people,

And its wrapped up real tight,

Let me get this to the NLG

So they could get this out tonight…

Wake up the masses and give them hope,

It’s the new slavery, without the hangman’s rope.

It was the war on drugs, that was the key to your door,

And all of the judges, that sold us out like whores

So break that prison veil,

That time has come to an end,

And look out your cell window,

At all of the busses they send…

Then tell yourself when you law awake at night,

God help these prisoners to all see the light.