Beyond Bars: My Revolutionary Resurrection

Xinachtli AKA Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Iowa Park, TX

You have falsified, destroyed our history, after you stole our lands, converting us into foreigners, illegal aliens in our own homeland. But you will never erase our identity, culture, tongue, our Indigenous roots, you so fear and despise. We are a proud, noble, humble, compassionate people, but a valiant, revolutionary one.

We will forever rattle and break these chains, physical and mental ones, you have wrapped on us as your brand of inferiority, to be your domestic wage-slaves. But, we will unite in your factories, and asphalt jungles and reservations and capitalist-profiteering prison cages of mass incarceration, to enrich your class, until we are free of your indoctrinated capitalist filth, your so-called values, morals, your greed, your worship of material wealth and possessions, your white ruling class privileges, your class barbarisms, you have subjected us to. We will unite against you and free Mother Earth you now hold hostage, destroying it for corporate profits.

You may now have me in your racist, prison dungeon cages, and tomorrow you may kill me, but I vow to you and the world, you will never, ever kill my spirit of resistance, for I am of the quality of men that will never die, and will forever live in the hearts and minds of the powerless, the voiceless, the imprisoned, the oppressed. When you bury me, again, this time in a grave, and not in the one you have me in now, I will resurrect from the dead and come back to haunt you, to dispense the revolutionary justice you have so eluded, and to bury your racist, capitalist, imperialist system so deep in a grave you will never, ever rise again to destroy others and Planet Earth.