WEBINAR: How the Federalist Society’s Philosophies Took Over the Courts

In March, the NLG and National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) presented a webinar on the rise of the Federalist Society, presented by Michael Avery, past NLG president, co-founder of NPAP, and co-author, with Danielle McLaughlin, of The Federalist Society: How Conservatives Took the Law Back from Liberals. Watch the webinar recording at nlg.org/public-webinars.

NLG Military Law Task Force Establishes Anti-Racism Subcommittee

by Aaron Frishberg, NLG MLTF The US military is an institution permeated with racism. This is not surprising for an institution which, in the modern era, has been largely devoted in its war efforts to attempting to stifle liberation movements in non-white countries around the world. Since the defeat of military legal conscription, the US […]

How Black Women Have Built Movements and Cultivated Joy

by Amanda Alexander, Executive Director and Founder of Detroit Justice Center and Friend of the NLG A letter to my young niece about staying true to your goals, deriving sustenance from nature, and other insights I’ve gleaned from activists. Dear Fiona, Last summer your mama asked me a question that I couldn’t shake. We were […]

NLG-NYC Animal Rights Committee Webinar Spotlights Effects of Border Walls on Endangered Species

By Tamara Bedic, NLG-NYC Animal Rights Committee Chair  Thursday, May 13th, Congressmembers Barragan, Vela, Quigley and Grijalva joined three national wildlife groups to address the harm Trump’s border wall causes over 90 endangered species.  Hosted by the Animal Rights Committee of the NLG-New York City chapter, the 75-minute webinar (our seventh!) drew an audience of […]

Teach-Ins for the 2020s: NLG-Vegas Educates

by Randolph M. Fiedler NLG-Las Vegas Chapter “There is a narrative of racial difference that contaminates the thinking of most Americans . . . . We need to own up to the way racial bias and legalized racial subordination have compromised our ability to implement criminal justice. In the wake of avoiding or minimizing our […]

Beyond Bars: Windows of the World

by Scott PetrieYazoo City, MS How fragile life is on the other side of that window, so close, yet so so far, untouchable, unattainable, father, son, each holding a hand up to the glass that separates each from their loving touch, worlds separated to protect from the unseeable enemy, the virus. (As was seen on […]