In the Spirit of Abolition: JLS Call for Shut ’em Down Demonstrations

by Mr. Sundiata Jawanza, NLG member of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak  Contributing Authors: Jenipher Jones, Esq., Lydia Ghuman, Audrey Bomse, Esq., Iltaff Bala of the JLS International Law Project In the spirit of abolition, let’s shut’em down!: The Jailhouse Lawyers Speak (JLS) national membership are calling for national Shut’em Down demonstrations to take place on August […]

Beyond Bars: A Throw Away Society

by Matt Baker A.K.A. “Doc”Abilene, TX Here in America, we throw things away. We throw away plastic and paper after one use. We throw away people after one mistake. Here at Robertson Unit, I look around me and see a whole “class” of people who have been thrown away by society. We throw them away […]

Beyond Bars: Rehabilitation is a Right

by David L. CruzSan Luis Obispo, CA  Dear Guild Family, First and most importantly, thank you for your time and service to the People. I was filled with pride when I received the Guild Notes (Vol. 44, No. ¾, Fall/Winter 2019) because the organization took note on an issue that I had against the 13th […]

Beyond Bars: Just Chewing the Fat

by E. C. Theus-RobertsSterling, CO The Penal Institution is a broken social control mechanism that exacerbates root causes of criminality, perpetuating its necessity and enlargement. The Penal Institution and all its dichotomies must be abolished. Considering this reality it is interesting how many fall victim to “objectification rhetoric.” Violent and nonviolent, drug dealer and addict, […]

Newest Restrictions on Solitary Elevate Reformist Minds to Abolition

by Amani Sawari, JLS Spokesperson 2018 National Prison Strike, NLG Member, and SawariMedia Founder “Solitary”—administrative segregation (ad-seg), suicide watch, the hole, or even quarantine are all forms of solitary confinement that cages a person to a single room cell with no access to personal belongings, nourishing meals or human contact for an undetermined period of […]

Student Justice League Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Jailhouse Lawyers

The Student Justice League is a new prisoners’ rights organization founded by a former jailhouse lawyer, David Simpson, and a campus organizer at Columbia University, Anna Sugrue. Our mission is to train university students to file administrative remedies on behalf of people in federal prison. We are currently recruiting former jailhouse lawyers with experience with […]