To Serve and Protect, or Extort and Exploit

Cecil Guy Truman
Craigsville, VA

I just found out my friend Aimee died recently. Aimee testified against me in trial because the prosecutor offered her a deal and the detectives intimidated her to lie against me. When I was first arrested another friend of mine, Jeremy, also died. He, like Aimee, died of a heroin overdose. Jeremy was arrested and charged with drug related charges and in exchange for a deal he agreed to testify against me. The prosecutor’s greed and avarice for a conviction against me cost Jeremy his life. Jeremy got out on bond and overdosed that night.

The prosecutors and detectives use, exploit, and extort drug addicts all the time to obtain “witnesses.” Instead of helping Jeremy or Aimee with their disease of addiction, they used them. They used their drug addiction as a way to control them and force them to comply with their designs to convict me of crimes I never committed.

How many people have been exploited into falsely testifying, or extorted into creating “controlled buys” for detectives that in their greed for busts use, exploit, and manipulate addicts, who desperately need help, into being their snitches? How many innocent people have been convicted based on false testimonies given by drug addicts being paid plea deals and bonds for their false testimonies?

Four paid drug addicts testified against me in trial. It has already been proven that these “witnesses” lied about being given plea deals and bonds. Two of them have come forward and admitted they were “threatened” and “bribed” to falsely testify but the Judges and court-appointed attorneys have done everything in their power to cover up the crimes committed by the prosecutor over the course of convicting me. The courts and its agents work in absolute collusion to produce false evidence, perjury, speculation, and all forms of deception to convict people.

My friends Aimee and Jeremy are dead. I was never angry at anyone that testified against me, I knew they were being threatened and extorted by the Commonwealth. How many more people will the Commonwealth exploit, use, and manipulate to carry out their mass incarceration agenda against the citizens of this country? At sentencing the prosecutor said drug addicts are weak and have no place in society. This reflects the Commonwealth’s dehumanization of people who suffer from addiction.

When will the Commonwealth be held accountable for the lives they’ve destroyed? Not only are lives being lost to life sentences of prison but lives are being lost from the prosecutors and detectives exploiting addicts to work for them against their will. How many addictions have been encouraged by the Commonwealth so that they can use drug addicts, and control drug addicts, to work for them to fill the prisons?

I know two people who have died who should have been given help. The practice of paying drug addicts to falsely testify is widely practiced. Even when the “witnesses” come forward and admit they were threatened to lie the corruption is suppressed and concealed.

Human life means nothing to the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are slaves to them to be discarded and used up in whatever way they see fit. There is no law here in Virginia, no rights, and no justice – no justice for me or my friends that died. ■