If Walls Could Talk (Poem)

by Anthony Lee Harris
Butner, NC

The untold secrets are unspoken
The strength of my elements stay unbroken
The pain from my secrets leave a mother to cry
But the restraints can’t dry my eye
I stand aside while many men die
Some look up and pray I ask myself why
If I was that guy I’ll look at myself and reach for the sky
He questions my patience for a silent reply
I know of your horrors and watched you tortured
Alone in the terrors bleeding the poison
So, I am your witness, your mentor, your friend,
But within this cell your spirit may end
Imagination will take you out of this lion’s den
When you find life’s true purpose you’ll be destined to win
Trust in your soul & stay true to your heart
I’d tell you I love you every day, if walls could talk.