NLG Participates in Anti-Imperialism Convening in Cuba

by Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, NLG Past President In November 2019, nearly 1500 activists, lawyers, union leaders, teachers, students and representatives of social and political movements throughout Latin America attended the Anti-imperialist Convening of Solidarity for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism in Havana, Cuba. The Guild participated in this precedential showing of regional solidarity, which included […]

Are Prison Law Libraries Set Up to Fail?

by Jeffrey Isabell-Taylor New Haven, MI Prison law libraries are the last line of defense for those appealing convictions. Usually incarcerated individuals rely on these libraries as the only way to seek justice and gain their freedom. However, here in Michigan, we are given restrictions and limitations that effectively turn our law libraries into a […]

Mass Defense Committee Wraps Up 2019 With Strong Focus on Protest Support

by the MDC Steering Committee The NLG Mass Defense Committee (MDC) had a busy year as resistance continued across the country and around the world. Whether the protests have been against pipelines and environment devastation, neofascism and white supremacy, police murders, ICE policies that are sending children and adults to concentration camps and destroying families, […]

NLG Students Stand Up for Reproductive Justice

by David Gespass, NLG Past President In 2019, a wave of anti-choice bills swept through state legislatures as anti-abortion politicians moved to restrict access to abortion across the country. After passing an organizational resolution opposing the criminalization of people’s reproductive lives in 2019, Guild members have organized to write and submit amicus briefs in states […]

¡El Pueblo No Se Rinde Carajo! An NLG Delegation to Colombia

by Alexandra Hernandez In solidarity with Lazos de Dignidad, defenders of human rights recently threatened by paramilitary forces for defending the rights of ex-combatants. In light of the recent alarming events that threaten, once again, the human rights of the people of Colombia and Latin America, the National Lawyers Guild sent a delegation to Colombia […]

Announcing the NLG Foundation Guild Grants Recipients!

by Daniel McGee, NLG Foundation Managing Director The NLG Foundation (NLGF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Guild Grants! Now in its fifth year, the Guild Grants Program continues to support NLG chapters, committees and projects by providing small grants up to $5,000 each. These grants help build the Guild by funding […]

A Message from Past NLG President, David Gespass

Dear NLG Family, The National Lawyers Guild has been the center of what we laughingly refer to as my professional life since my senior year in law school nearly 50 years ago. Even though that relationship has not always been smooth, mainly because I was such an asshole when I was younger, I have remained […]

In Memoriam: Bob Wollheim (1948-2019)

by Steven Goldberg and Larry Kleinman, NLG-Portland Our friend, comrade, and long-time Portland Guild Member Bob Wollheim died on September 21, 2019. He’s survived by his three sons, a wonderful grandson, countless friends and colleagues, and a legacy of doing amazing work. Bob grew up on the south side of Chicago and came to Oregon […]

Law Students Against ICE Takes on Westlaw & LexisNexis Data Contracts

by Anna Nathanson, Harvard NLG Westlaw and LexisNexis are ubiquitous across the legal field as the foremost legal research services. But at law schools across the country, students are drawing attention to these companies’ role in the United States’ violently racist immigration system. Westlaw’s parent company Thomson Reuters, and LexisNexis’s parent company RELX, both have […]