These Stars Have Bars (Poem)

by Dustin Tate
Hardwick, GA

What does it say of us as a people,
that we’re so eager to throw someone away?
How shall we be called ‘Home of the Free’
when so very many do not live that way?
Whether locked in cells—violent Hell
or restricted, bonds of paper and phone
And add economic oppression —
Poverty used as a weapon.
With which police even murders condoned.
The control of our Nation, determined by station
requires of them that many never rise.
Caring only for each other, forget we are brothers
and make our highest ideals into lies.

To the Red White and Blue, I’ve nothing but love for you
It’s the corruption and governance gone bad.
After all we’ve gone through, after change we pursue
Because in truth the country’s the best to be had.