Law and Disorder: Increasingly Relevant

By Heidi Boghosian, former NLG Executive Director and Michael Steven Smith, NLG-NYC

NLG members across the country can now be heard on Law and Disorder Radio on the Internet and broadcast on 100 stations across the country. The 60-minute civil liberties program was launched in New York City and Pacifica’s WBAI in 2004 by Heidi Boghosian, the late Michael Ratner, and Michael Steven Smith. Boghosian was the Executive Director of the Guild at the time. Ratner, a former President of the Guild, was the legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Smith is a long-time NLG member and New York City author who also served on the board of CCR.

All three lawyers and activists were aware that government crackdowns on civil liberties would swiftly accelerate after the September 11, 2001 attacks. It was evident to them that the militarization of the police, and the vast government-corporate surveillance apparatus could, and likely would, be turned at some point against the American people.

With the election of Donald Trump, this is what is happening.  The show is necessary now more than ever.

Because Law and Disorder can be heard nationwide and on the Internet guests from the Guild who have appeared on the show have had an amplified voice. Recent shows featured Guild Mass Defense Committee Director King Downing, former NLG President David Gespass, and National Immigration Project Litigation Director Trina Realmuto. CCR’s Legal Director Baher Azmy has been a guest, as have several CCR attorneys since the show’s inception. Of the many activists, legal practitioners and authors interviewed, recently, disaffected Washington insider Mike Lofgren talked about his recent book “The Deep State.”
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