Labor & Employment Committee Launches Training Program for Immigrant Workers

By Setareh Ghandehari and Henry Willis, NLG Labor and Employment Committee As part of its overall war against immigrants and immigrants’ rights, the Trump Administration has attempted to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for people from various countries, including Haiti, El Salvador, Nepal, Sudan, Honduras, and Nicaragua while the conditions that lead to the TPS […]

Announcing New Jailhouse Lawyer Rep & Call for Inside VP Candidates

Thank you for participating in the election among jailhouse lawyer members for a formerly incarcerated, “outside” representative to hold the position of co-Jailhouse Lawyer Vice President (JLVP) on the National Executive Committee (NEC). There were five very qualified nominees. We are thrilled to announce that the winner is Diana Covarrubias! Diana joins our board with […]

JLI Law School Tour to Uplift Legal Work of Incarcerated People

By Jhody Polk The Jailhouse Lawyers Initiative (JLI), hosted by the NLG, is excited to be launching the Legal Empowerment is Abolition law school tour in seven states starting in the fall of 2019 through spring 2020. JLI will be visiting law schools in Florida, New Orleans, Texas, Chicago, California, New York, and Washington, DC. […]

America, You Exposed the Line (Poem)

By Jason Geray Represa, CA America, you exposed the line Back in my younger days your judges had their axes to grind, You promised us that justice was really blind, But that is not what we would find, You just saw me as someone who was born to do time, And yeah, I’m from California […]

Thrown to the Wolves

By Cecil G. Truman Craigsville, VA [Editor’s Note: The following story mentions suicide] This is a true story about a kid we will call Max. I met Max a few weeks ago in Bible study. Upon speaking with Max, I could tell that his heart and mind were very young. At the age of 19 […]

9 LIVES (Poem)

By Joshua Garner aka Mujahid St. Petersburg, FL This is a story about 9 lives that should be free, 9 lives taken by the Commonwealth and the DOC, This system is corrupt, I know first-hand believe me, So listen to their story so now you can see My big brother Hadi, strongest aqeedah I’ve ever […]